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Feb 16- Whole Family Dives in


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I read the book last month and after sharing with my husband, we decided to do this.  

We have a 6 year old boy with scratch-till-you-bleed skin issues, and a 2 year old girl with "Chronic Non-specific Childhood Diarrhea." (That was the GI specialist diagnosis.)  We're pretty sure she's sensitive to sugar and lactose.  


Husband has had GI issues for years, lives with joint pain and now migraines.  And he's only 33.


Me, I'm mostly just a 35 year old fatigued mom. ;) 


We've had some time to prep the pantry, and prep the kids.  My hope is that there are no accidents with the kids (grandparents, Sunday School, church and school)




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You can do it!  It sounds like it could be very beneficial to your whole family!  I just started yesterday as well...how are you all doing so far?

I cannot believe how well my kids are doing!  My 6 yr old had to endure a birthday bash for his teacher at school yesterday which included M&M's in class (a couple times an hour), a pizza party, and cupcakes at recess.  Instead of M&M's he had tiny pieces of Larabar and fruit leather.  Instead of cupcakes, a small cup of pineapple and orange slices.  When the pizza came he knew we would show up with an alternative "treat" lunch.  He refused the pizza (the teacher said he would NOT eat it) and grinned when we arrived with bacon, eggs and orange juice! (he normally has water.)  I am so taking this kid out for some fun this weekend. :wub:

Even my 2 year old girl told my mom, "no cheese and no bread" when they went to Sprouts. :lol:


My husband is enduring the treat temptations at work because he knows his wife and kids are enduring this too.  He's really enjoying the food I've made so far, which helps.


Me?  I find my mind a little too consumed with it all.  It falls my lot to keep compliant food and snacks available for my kids and husband (& me.)  I have to watch  to make sure no one feeds them stuff at church and other people's homes.  I have to make this as easy as possible for them cause they are KIDS.

I need an activity this weekend (besides chopping and cooking and grocery shopping) to take my mind off things...quit counting the days.  I have no health or weight problems to speak of, so it's gonna get tough to stay focused.  But if my husband and kids get better...yeah, that's my motivation.

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