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Whole30 Round 1


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Starting tomorrow, Sunday Feb. 28th for my first Whole30 and excited about it. I have been gluten-free since Jan 1, for the second time and that has gone smoothly. However, it hasn't removed cravings for sugar/carbs as you are able to satisfy them just fine without eating gluten. I do feel less bloated/less inflammation without gluten, so I am a believer in that, for me.

I want to do the Whole30 because I just want to eat so much healthier. I am 53 and still compete/workout a good amount and have ongoing inflammation/joint issues I always have to keep an eye on and am optimistic this way of eating will continue to improve that on top of the gluten-free. Also, I've always had pretty lousy skin (incl. skin cancers) and have read the positive impact the whole30 might have.  There is A LOT of cancer in my family, different types, and I feel it could be VERY beneficial to eat a ton more veggies/fruit and WHOLE foods, then get a better idea of what works best for me when foods are added back in at the end. I don't drink a lot of alcohol but feel the 30-day break will be a healthy reset.

The timing is good so here we go...have done all my shopping and will be posting every day...thanks in advance for your support!!

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Day 1 went well..


3 egg scramble with some beef/spinach/peppers/fresh salsa

cooked in olive oil.


Omg I can't remember..

Ok I think:

Avocado/snap peas/almonds/sweet potato/1 clementine


Steak/large salad w/ peppers/tomato


balsamic vinegar dressing, also some in potato.

1 larabar as snack.


Need to integrate fruit better in each meal and also a bit less protein, a bit more veggies.

In general, need to pay closer attention to the proportion if each food type so it balances a bit better. I do have blk coffee also, 1-2 cups/day.

A decent day 1, am a bit concerned the lack of sugar will start to be a problem:(


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Hi Loverly!  I don't think you have too much protein at all.  In fact, I don't see where you had any protein at lunch.  Also, remmber that fruit is - if you want it. I incorporate it into my meals because I need a lot of fiber for my gut. It is just another opportuntiy to add some fiber for me.  Hopefully you won't get a sugar hangover.  I know mine was not too bad this time around.  I was tired but really only had a headache on one day.  I think your meals look good! 

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Jenny! Thanks so much for reply. And yes that's kind of what I meant by out of balance...I just spaced on the protein for lunch and other 2 meals I think I ended up with TOO much protein, the proportions weren't right. I just today saw the photo of the Whole30 plate which clarifies proportions so will work on that..

Again, thks for reading..I'm determined:)

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On Day 17, haven't been able to keep up with this log but HAVE STUCK WITH THE PLAN! But I'm in a bit of a funk and hope it passes. Today is Day 17. I actually was feeling the whole Tiger Blood thing last week, but have felt low energy/mood (and skin broken out) in the last 4-5 days...wth?? I also, about 5 minutes ago, almost blew the whole thing up and ate an entire container of trail mix (with peanut m&ms in it) but decided to blog here instead.

I'm trying to figure out what the issue is...I think it's possible I'm not eating enough. The three round meals a day is just A LOT of food for me AND I've never been much of a breakfast person, at all. As a result, I've been generally having a Lara bar and coffee in the morning and am perfectly satisfied, then doing 2 good, compliant meals for the other 2 meals. I also play tennis competitively 3x/week (not social tennis) + stretching and maybe I'm not getting enough food/calories? Is that a possibility maybe?? I'm a little perplexed and just not feeling that great in general so maybe hoping for some advice..I'm also eating hardly any fruit bc thought that was somewhat optional?

Determined to get back on track...any advice??

Thank you!!

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Okay just did a bunch of reading/research on Whole30/elsewhere and have come across FODMAP...had never even heard of it before and thinking these foods may be causing my "funk" which is also including diarrhea/bloating. Since I've started whole30, I've been eating A LOT of avocados, onions, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower....ALL HIGH FODMAP FOODS!! I'm going to stick to the low Fodmap foods on my next shopping trip and hopefully will start to feel better..dear lord, I feel like I've gone down a rabbit hole but all for the best I guess... I just feel at this point to feel this poorly, something's gotta be up..

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