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Zyriel's 24 days to Fest log


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I don't love being one of those folks who does this, but I have an event... a "Fest" in late March that I realize I am in no condition for. I had told myself  I would do a Whole 30 in January with everyone else starting on 1/1. It sounded great. Huge group of people to work with, starting on a date other people were starting this time. Yeah.... non-starter. I didn't do a darn thing.


Yesterday while talking with a partner who is going to Fest, I realized that I wouldn't fit into anything I would want to wear there. And I wasn't super interested in even being seen by the other goers in my current state. I have one skirt that fits, and maybe 3 pairs of paints though one is mia... So, I'm rotating 3 bottoms right now and that SUCKS. It makes me feel like not going outside and just staying in pajamas all day.


So here goes. Today I'm committed to preparing fridge and pantry for the upcoming week. To getting some movement in. And to doing some productive things around the house, which for me lifts my mood.


I got lucky that I had already prepared some of Nom Nom's roasted beets last week so they were sitting in the fridge. And we had eggs. So I have managed to make myself a proper breakfast. I'm actually pleased that we not only had the beets but also some saurkraut (live stuff). So, I'm not without easy veggie options in my fridge... I just haven't been eating them. And breakfast, oh breakfast... why don't we get along?


I downloaded a couple "habit" apps to check out. I am thinking of setting up a few habits to tick off, like eating breakfast, to help keep myself focused. Gamification works relatively well for me, but I suspect I need to be careful not to over-do it. I'm on a 110 days streak on my language learning, but have too many things to tick off... I dunno.

Alright, need to finish putting eggs and beets in my face and venture out into the rain.
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Day 1 Success. Yaaay, what a relief. I heard the second Whole30 was a lot harder, and I believe it.



Breakfast (yay, I ate breakfast) 9:40am - 10:17am: scrambled eggs (fist), beets with oil and balsamic (fist), tea.

Lunch 3:00pm: curried lamb (half fist), didn't manage to get veggies into this.

Dinner 8:00pm: Beef with home-made taco seasoning (fist), green peppers and onion (fist), salsa (quarter fist), avocado oil in cooking (not poured off) probably about a table spoon in my portion of the meal, tea, water



So "lunch" wasn't really at lunch time, nor did it include vegetables. But I made sure I ate it instead of just waiting for dinner, which is what I normally would do if I got home that late.


Spent many hours out doing shopping, and then putting up decorations and cleaning out the kitchen, so I got a fair amount of movement in today. A lot more than generally normal. I injured my big toe last week which prevents me from doing certain things, but when it is doing better, I'm hoping to get myself on a rotation of lifting. We have equipment now at the new house, including a bar and rack, and I'm so happy but I haven't managed to use them yet. Lazy butt. I need to pick up some bands so I can work on pull-ups too, good grief do I need that.

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Day 2, I did well. I ate at the appropriate times, ate nicely balanced meals. I was particularly happy with dinner which was a sort of beef bolognese: beef with kale, onion, celery, tomato, artichoke, garlic and tomato sauce (two fists), cashew butter (thumb)



Day 3, bumpy. I started off meaning well with chicken and beets for breakfast, but I did that thing where I eat them all morning instead of finishing them right away. I looked up and it was 11 and I wasn't done. So breakfast and lunch were kind of one big meal. I did stop eating after noon. I didn't snack. And I didn't have the dessert I was considering. So, I feel like I recovered it.


Water retention was down this morning (day 4) and I was tempted to weigh. Which is funny because I'm not a stuck to the scale kind of gal, but I was curious what difference it made because it was noticeable in the belly to me. But I didn't. I'm still in PJ's (aka work clothes) but I'll have to try on my jeans later and see if they're a bit more comfortable. That sure would be nice, they're just about the only thing that even fits.

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