Whole30 #2 starts today


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Finished (very successfully) my first ever Whole30 on 2/12.


Kind of blew the reintroduction...not completely, but enough to not know what specific foods affected me negatively (though I'm pretty certain refried beans will never be attempted again).  Basically still ate Whole30 85-90% of the time the past two weeks, but when I didn't, I didn't follow reintro protocols like I should have.


Wife just got done with her travelling and last week told me she wanted to do the Whole30 now...so we started today.  This time it's not just me going solo.  This will be a challenge because she doesn't eat eggs and is not as big of a fan of all types of veggies like I am.  So I need to come up with alternative protein choices for her morning meal and get more creative on getting her the recommended amount of veggies.


So Day #1 of Whole30 #2.

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Hello there! Cheers on starting your second round. For the veggies, there are a lot of "I don't like veggies, what do I make" type posts in the cooking and recipe forums. But I can offer... roasting. If you cut it up, drizzle it with oil, season it with a little something, then roast it, it caramelizes the natural sugars in the veggie. Makes just about anything taste amazing. But broccoli and carrots are my favorites done this way. For the carrots I use ghee and cinnamon. mmmmm


Similarly there are a lot of "can't eat eggs, what do I make" discussions that you might find useful. Number one though, is to eat anything for breakfast and not just breakfast foods. That helps a lot. :)


I'm so envious you have a partner for your whole30. That sounds great! Good luck to you both.

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Thanks Zyriel!  I appreciate it.


Quick question:  what temp and for what duration do you roast the veggies?  I have experimented some with roasting, but haven't been overly successful. Definitely better with the stir fry, but I agree with you, a good roasted vegetable will be something I know she will like.

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