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Whole 30 done and symptoms subsided!


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I finished my first whole 30 ten days ago and it was an amazing experience. I have always struggled with weight problems and have done crash diets but within the past year nothing was working and I was actually gaining weight. Top all of this off with the fact that I was diagnosed with possible endometriosis and was told I needed exploratory surgery to confirm the diagnosis. My hormones were crazy out of whack and my body just felt miserable. For about two weeks out of every month I would have bad endo bloating and pain so my life had become consumed by things to help which mostly consisted of me taking high pain medications and living with my heating pad.


As my surgery day started coming closer I decided to research more and found that many women had found success in diminishing their symptoms by changing their diet. I was skeptical to do it because I "already ate healthy" and "couldn't live without sweets" but i knew that if I didn't try something that surgery was my only option. My friend recommended that I try the Whole 30 and so I jumped on board and started the following Monday. I had a few bumps along the way and still felt some pain during the 30 days. I also weighed myself during week 3 and had a mini break down which wiped away all the good I had been feeling!


As of today I still have not weighed myself and honestly I don't want to. I know that the number will never make me happy no matter how small it is and this is a HUGE victory for me because I was obsessed with the scale. My friend has my scale and I told her I don't ever want it back. I also started my period this week (sorry TMI) and had absolutely no pain and very minor bloating/swelling. This is an amazing change for me and because of it I decided to cancel my surgery that was scheduled for next week. 


I am so grateful for what Whole30 has done not only for my pain but for my overall well being. I'm a changed woman forever!

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