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Miracles do happen


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I was headed down the path of lifetime medication for high blood pressure. Every time I went to the doctor I was either pre-hypertensive or borderline high. I refused to get on medication because I was convinced it would be a never-ending struggle of how much is enough and what kind is best. I had visions of my grandfather and his literal handful of pills he took daily for various ailments--not for me! I tried different types of eating to tackle this issue on the food front. Vegetarianism, Atkins, WeightWatchers, and Paleo all helped me lose some weight but the blood pressure issue remained. I learned about Whole 30 from seeing posts from many people on Paleo cooking websites that were asking "is this Whole30 approved?" And after reading through the justifications for why to go through the program I was convinced it was worth a shot. Who wouldn't want clearer skin, a happier self and better sleep? Not to mention the allure of losing some weight. I am now 4 days away from finishing the program. My pants are looser (my reward for finishing the program is to buy new clothes instead of eating a Twinkie like I probably would have done in the past). I sleep better at night. Wake up happier and less groggy. My skin really is starting to heal. And one result that I didn't really expect? I we t to the doctor for a health issue the other day and low and behold: blood pressure? 120/77!!! I have never had that perfect a blood pressure when I am at the doctors office. I hate going and my pressure usually shows it. So in actuality it was probably even lower than that. The doctor actually said the word "good" when she said the number and she didn't feel the urge to take it one more time to make sure it wasn't wrong. I walked out of the office that day feeling like I had won the lottery. And I swore to myself right then that I would no longer let the allure of junk make me eat that hfs that were not good for my body. I love myself too much now. Thank you whole 30!

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