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First Time - starting March 24!

Rebekah Loper

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Well, I've been thinking and planning for this for about 2 1/2 weeks now, so I suppose I should at least dip my toes into the forum!


Hi everyone! You can call me Rebekah or Bekah, just not Becky (please). I'm 30 (almost 31), struggling with some random health things, and am dragging my husband along on this (he's not going to be on the forum, I can almost guarantee it) with me. He needs it, health-wise, as much as I do. We're both the type of people you look at and go "But you're not overweight, how unhealthy could you possibly be?" and we both sit there and go "We should not have aching joints and the energy of 70-yr-olds." (No offense to 70-yr-olds. I know a few who have waaaaaaaaaay more energy than I ever have.)


My life has pretty much been the story of chronic stress, and so has my husband's, just in different ways. We've both experienced abuse from parental figures, and I've been exposed to many life-and-death health situations that were both my own, and of close family members. The last 3 years have had a lot of past issues dragged back to the surface by family members refusing to move on, and they've also been accompanied by financial hardship (I lost two jobs because they couldn't afford to keep paying me, and hubby was laid off in December, and wasn't able to find a new job until February), and loss (mostly of just pets - my 13-yr-old cat from childhood, and two chickens to unexpected illness) but furry family members are still so very painful to lose.


Hubby struggles with digestive issues and hypoglycemia currently. I struggle with chronic pain and inflammation manifesting as eczema (had it as an infant, then had it hit again when I was 11 and it didn't let up until I used tanning beds for 4 months about 5 1/2 years ago, and I now have a patch of it showing up on my hand and leg again after being free of it for nearly 5 years), year-round allergies (stinging nettle leaf capsules did WONDERS for my allergies, but I still nearly always have sinus congestion), and recently I've been having bizarre skin sensitivity to pressure/touch, and my left hand likes to go numb and/or hurt if I flex it wrong. I also have a shoulder injury from a previous job that still likes to be finicky.

So. Hoping that Whole 30 helps with a LOT of that simply because doctors and I have a hate-hate relationship, and I refuse to take most medications because I tend to be allergic to random ones.


We're starting on the 24th because hubby will have Good Friday off from work (he works a minimum of 50 hours a week most of the time), so it's a long weekend for him and hoping to get at least the first few days done with while we can take it easy. It's going to be hardest for him to stick to it, I think. He likes his snacky foods a lot.

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