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Starting April 2nd!


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Hey friends! My Whole30 book arrived today and I can't friggin' wait to get started!


My friend and I will be going through the program together, which is great to know I'll have her support when I 'need Chick-fil-a!', or vice versa when she 'has to get a latte!'


W30 isn't altogether unfamiliar for me - I can't/don't eat gluten, I've quit sugar, and have gone Paleo in the past. The problem was that with the exception of gluten, sugar and non-paleo foods eventually crept their way back into my life. I contemplated W30 last year and again in January, and both times felt too overwhelmed by the idea. No sugar I can do. No bread? Easy. No cheese? OH HELL NO.


But I'm at a point now where I need a change. I've gained a bit of weight (on my 5'10" frame isn't not as noticeable unless you look at pictures of me from say, 3 years ago) and I don't feel great most of the time. My addiction to sugar is back and I need to quit it once again. And honestly, though I've been gluten free for awhile now, I can't say that I'm 100% sure that my digestive issues are because of gluten, though I do know that bread specifically screws with my stomach big time.


Anyway, I'm excited to give this program a whirl. Beryl and I will both be starting on April 2nd, because we were published in a magazine (her writing and my photos) and are going out to celebrate Friday night with our husbands (and to buy a copy of Mingle Magazine from the bookstore!) I look forward to following you all in your W30 journeys!



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