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Starting October 2nd in Australia...with a few concerns (of course)


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So here I am, freshly having finished the book (about 20 mins ago) and ready to jump (fall) in head first.

I have been eating a mostly clean diet for a fair while now however this is going to help kick it up another notch (BAM!).

I guess my biggest concern at this is the fact that I work as a chef and as part of that I am required to test a lot of what I cook. Admittedly it's been that way for a while and my testing is VERY limited. The problem I see is anything I cook that requires any of the non W30 ingredients, that I have to test for work, will be counterproductive to what this is meant to achieve.

Time will tell I guess.

I am going to keep a food log as well as a log on thoughts/feelings/emotions during this. Should be an interesting read furred down the track.

Ok, here goes...something!

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My Crossfit coach always tells me (usually when I'm flat out on the floor after a stupid amount of Burpees!) - to just get up and do something. Because something is better than nothing!!

You could use that here - to tell yourself that doing something (Whole30), is better than doing nothing (er, not Whole30!)

Good luck. Representing from Australia! I'm from Tasmania :-)

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