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My first Whole 30 and results


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I am Chhavi Vashisht from Bangalore,India.This is my first whole 30.


The whole 30 journey has given me more than just health.My victories have been in more than one area.

When I started whole30 my plan was to lose some weight before my 30th birthday!

I put on 10 kgs after my marriage in 2011 and since then its been an ongoing struggle to get rid of them.I have tried multiple gyms and classes but results have been very fleeting.I had to literally threaten my husband to say “yes you look thin”.

7 days into Whole30 people started commenting on how fresh I looked. I have had pimples on my face since I was 13.I was hoping my face will clear once I “grow up” but I was going to hit 30 in a month and the pimples were still a constant. This was one bonus I was not counting on but my face was clear of all pimples for those 30 days.

15 days into whole 30 people started commenting on how I had lost a lot of weight!When I checked my weight after the program I was a total of 5 kgs lighter than what I started with.

More than these physical changes I started blogging about my food again.I had started the food blog in 2011 after my wedding and I used to put up a lot of very tempting but unhealthy recipes of food which used to be largely consumed by me.Obviously coupled with my stressful work I put on weight fast and the direct result of that was the guilt which made me stop my blog.I equated my writing to my bad health.

Whole 30 changed my outlook towards food.I saw that I can cook extremely tasty healthy food which everybody appreciates. This program motivated me to re start my blog and post food on it which actually makes me feel better instead of worst.

In the reintroduction stage I realised I was allergic to milk and its products.Dairy was causing the pimples on my face. As soon as I ate a large amount of dairy especially the heavy stuff I would get big bad ugly pimples on my face again.I was also reactive towards wheat.Wheat caused my face to puff up.


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I started getting acne and could not figure out why! After removing milk, my face has started to clear up. I'm only about 12 days in. My belly bloat is down. I've always known wheat did that to me, but realizing milk was harmful to me helped. I say stick with whole30 for life.

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