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started on 19th April, still going strong


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Thanks to my best online friend SharynF!!


She mentioned Whole30 on Facebook and something just clicked,  gave me a big nudge and said "you could do that!"


So the same day, which was actually the 18th in the late afternoon, I felt totally in the zone and went for it right from then.   The cheese in the fridge that only I eat went straight in the freezer (waste not want not - I it'll keep for ages until I decide to re-introduce or throw out :D ), my daughter is finishing off the yogurt, and that's it really.


I looked at this website and made a note of what not to eat, and how much to eat of what you can eat, ordered the Whole30 book (and eventually got "It starts with food" for my Kindle as a backup)


I lost a fair bit of weight back in 2012 with another way of eating (but very similar in many ways to this, and I first "met" Sharyn on that forum) having just been diagnosed coeliac made it easy to keep out of the bread bin!  but I slip-slided and it all went back on.


This IS going to work though - I've never given up dairy before - I've got this far and not going to blow it now!


My downfalls have always been nibbling in between meals, just mindless auto-pilot eating - not doing that now, real conscious decision to stop.   Made stuff for the family today and never even licked the spoon :o


I want to lose some weight, feel fitter and get some energy to help me on my recovery from a half a knee replacement last December - I'm doing fine, but a bit less body to cart around would help, and make the knee last longer!  Don't fancy going through THAT again......

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