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Whole 30 success... we're not stopping!


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Hi, my name is Irene, and I'm a... Whole 30 convert!

When a friend first told me about this program, I was terribly sceptical, not to mention quite fearful of a whole month without alcohol...no I'm not an alcoholic, but I do love a glass of red wine or good french champagne (or two).

I began on April 1, straight after a quite indulgent 4 day holiday in Bali where I unfortunately picked up a nasty parasite, so my first 5 days on Whole 30 was ironically made quite easy because I didn't feel much like eating because I was sick.

To my surprise, after reading the book and preparing myself for all the terrible symptoms I would experience in the first two weeks, I did not have any cravings at all....( maybe the odd bacon thought would drift in and out!)

Sugar wasn't a problem, although I found it UTTERLY AMAZING how sugar is in EVERYTHING! I thought bread would be a killer, and cheese and wine, but in fact I did not really miss them nor crave them.

I think it's because I was able to have such fantastic food; great roasts, delicious fruit and vegetable dishes, yummy omelets and frittatas, incredible curries and soups, salads galore.

My husband and daughter plus a couple of friends joined me on the Whole 30 adventure, so I had lots of support.

Here's some of our results:

 My husband lost 5 kilos, me 2.5. I thought it would be a bit more weight loss, because I look slimmer. I didn't care much about the weight loss and I didn't weigh myself for the whole 30.

Health benefits: We both feel great, lots of energy, sleeping well and waking up easily. This may sound like nothing (and for my husband it is nothing), but for me it  is ENORMOUS! I have not slept properly for over 5 years because of menopause, so this alone is reason enough for me to stay very close to the program.

People mostly have commented on my complexion, saying how clear and glowing it is (truly, they use the word 'glowing'!)

The first benefit I noticed was my gums stopped bleeding when I brushed my teeth, then I noticed my muscle aches and joint pain disappeared. Our gut benefits were quite different: my husband became more than regular (sometimes 3-4 times a day) and I became slightly less, even missing a day here and there.

Absolutely no bloating, reflux or heartburn (after I got rid of the parasite anyway!)

My nails are lovely and I don't feel the need to sleep every afternoon at 3 pm.

We survived many tests including a football game in a fully catered corporate box, two parties, and many dinner parties with friends.

I have not felt like drinking alcohol even yet and I'm now three days past my Whole 30 finishing line.

I feel calmer and better able to cope with life's various crises.

I have been a 'problem eater' all my life, with a very unhealthy relationship with food. I'm not over-weight, but I am quite obsessive about never becoming so, and am a yo-yo dieter, excessive exerciser and occasional binge eater. In the past I was bulimic on and off for years. Now I don't go to the gym pump classes, just do a lot of stretching at home, and an occasional stationary bike class, as well as some lovely actual cycling.. you know.. outside!

So where to now? I feel like it was not one food group only that caused my various problems, because despite what I just said, I have generally eaten quite healthily for more than twenty years. I'm not overly keen to reintroduce anything much, although I quite like porridge in winter so I'll see about introducing that. I also will likely have an infrequent glass of wine with my husband, but I think I'll stick to water most of the time. We now love an enormous variety of herbal teas, and I've learned to drink black coffee.

We both would like to continue Whole30 at home and only eat off the program when other people are cooking for us.

All the best to everyone who takes the challenge. It's totally worth it.


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