Planning ahead for 2nd Whole30 reintroduction


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Ok, so I completely screwed my first reintro. I didn't prepare for it properly and I failed miserably. I had planned to do a reintroduction from 1 to 15 December and it turns out I only stopped having sugar, gluten, you name it, after my birthday on Jan 17. WOW! This is something I am not proud of...


So, a few months have passed, during that time I went back to eating mostly Paleo but I never felt so great as I did during the last days of my Whole30. I am now on day 8 of my second Whole30 and everything is different. Now that basic cooking skills are mastered I am using all the lessons learned from the first round and adjusting as I go. I learned I have to keep fruit to a bare minimum. I learned I wasn't eating enough fat. I learned I was eating too much sweet potatoes and not enough veggies.


Fast forwarding to my second reintro. This time around I want to do it by the book, because I know it is the only way it will work for me. So I will do everything as laid out in the book, plus one day for sugar (some dark chocolate) and another day for alcohol (one glass of wine). Additionally I have committed to another 30 days of whole30 right after I finish my reintro, so that I don't have the chance to think "well, since I can eat anything a few days from now, it won't hurt me if I have <fill in the blank> now!"


Basically I will be doing a whole60 with a reintro in between. I feel I need more time in order to really start living whole30ish forever but I don't want to postpone the reintro into the very end of the whole60 .


What are your thoughts on this? Anyone did something similar?

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