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Freezer-friendly multiple portion meals

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Hi all!


I am about to have surgery on my right shoulder (I'm right handed... crap) and I will be in a sling for at least two weeks. I have a week to do a boatload of meal prep, and what I'd like to do is whip up a few big meals and freeze individual portions.


I'm no stranger to whole30 style cooking but I don't often freeze anything but chili so I'd love to hear some of your favorite big-batch meals that freeze and re-heat well. Thanks!

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I do a lot of "freezer" cooking!


Proteins: Pulled pork, meatballs, just plain ol' roasted chicken thighs (reheat to eat by themselves, or make chicken salad (chop first if that is going to be a problem!), etc), thai coconut chicken soup, any type of compliant sausage can be frozen raw or cooked, "egg muffins", hamburgers (freeze either raw or 'rare' so you don't overcook when heating), 


Veggies (most things should be frozen on cookie sheets in a single layer and then put in a freezer bag): peeled and sliced sweet potatoes (reheat in skillet or roast), blanch shredded potatoes, drain well, pack in freezer bags for servings of hashbrowns, blanched broccoli (I throw frozen broccoli straight on a cookie sheet with olive oil to roast in the oven), blanched cauliflower, chopped onions (no need to blanch - just freeze on a tray and you can grab a handful or however much you need when cooking - straight to the pan frozen!), spinach (blanch, chop, drain, freeze in bags).


Veggies are fairly easy really! And some will last a good long time in your fridge. Shred a bunch of cabbage for quick pan frying or coleslaw. It should stay good in the fridge for a week or more. Same with shredded beets and carrots if you want to add those to salads.


Good luck!

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