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Ashley Millard

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Hello everyone!

I went paleo (with some dairy) about 11 months ago and I decided a week ago to round out my first year being paleo with a whole30 and hopefully clear up a few issues I'm still having with my severe IBS.

I'm going low fructose and I've given up coffee, because I've read that either (or both) can be problematic. My goal is to introduce them individually after I have completed my whole30 to see if either of those two, or the occasional dairy I ate was the culprit for my continued bloating/pain.

So far, aside from the first day, I've been symptom free and feeling amazing. My sleep has been awesome, my energy is high and I'm happy all the time!

Looking forward to seeing how I feel in 3 weeks!!

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I'm on day 7 too! I have to say I have not had any of my usual stomach problems either! My sister also started this with me and she is already getting great results with her stomach issues as well. She even stopped taking one of her medications for it and still none of her usual pain and bloating. It's amazing. Good luck in the next three weeks :)))

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Wow, Ashley, that's great. It sounds like you have really zeroed in on what was causing your problems.

I found during my Whole 30 that I had a lot of health issues clear up. I'm not ready to introduce anything that might mess up that progress.

Here's to your continued success!

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