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started Sept 28


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So I've made it to day 7! This hasn't actually been as hard as I had suspected, probably because I've been eating paleo for a coupe of months now. I started on this because I'm doing a 12 week challenge at my gym and at the half way point, I realised that I was starting to get slack with the amount of sugar I was having (too much honey, dark chocolate and fruit) so this seemed a good way to cut that out.

I was feeling pretty lucky because I've missed out on the whole sugar hangover thing but energy levels have been a bit up and down this week. And I haven't been sleeping very well but I blame that mostly on getting to bed too late and my flatmates making too much noise. (I now have earplugs.)

Today was a HARD day. I felt like crap and cranky as all hell when I woke up and the thought of my usualy savoury egg-based breakfast with smoked salmon or bacon just made my stomach churn. So I had an omlette with berries instead and by lunchtime I was feeling much more chipper.

Things I'm aiming to improve:

- pre and post workout meals (have something prepped that I can grab easily so that I don't just skip them)

- get 8 hours of sleep a night

What I'm enjoying about Whole30:

-feeling the effects that different combos of foods have on me

-exploring new food alternatives

-the fact that I really don't seem to need sugar

And good luck to everyone else embarking on their whole30!

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