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My New Life Began Today


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My name is Tina and I am a foodaholic - or at least I will soon say I was. 

My best friend Karin introduced me to Whole30 - and right now I love her for it.  She also is doing it, as is my husband and her husband.   


My success measures:

I will no longer feel exhausted after just getting out of bed.  

I will look forward to getting out of bed

My once "Fat Jeans" will no longer be called by "current skinny jeans"

My go to meal will no longer be Happy Wok on speed dial.


Thank you Whole30 for giving me the opportunity to get my health back.


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Tina, welcome to whole 30! I love your sense of humor! I hope you can find some support from people who are starting with you. Oh wait, your friends and your hubby are built in support! Nice!

I'm a newbie, on Day 13. It's been fairly easy so far.....and I can feel my body changing. Change is good! Stick with it!

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