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Starting tomorrow (June 2, 2016)


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Hi, I'm Gillian, age 43. I planned on starting June 1, along with a bunch of you, but truthfully was not quite prepared, and have too many temptations today (retirement cocktail party, sister's birthday dinner), and I didn't want to fail on my first day!


I've been working seriously on my health since January, and as I still have a way to go, I decided this would be a fantastic chance for me to really work on getting my nutrition a little more solid. I'm not sure if I am sensitive to any foods or not, but I'll find out! I've lost almost 30 pounds, have 40+ more to go, but even more than that, I'd like to feel more energetic.


This is my first Whole30 challenge. No one else in my house is doing it, but they are used to eating pretty healthy foods, and I figure I can add non-Whole30 foods on the side for my husband and two teenagers. I'm very used to cooking from scratch, but am astounded at how prevalent sugar is in packaged foods!


June 2-July 1, here I come!

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Hi momto2Cs

Best wishes to you.

I am on my first Whole30 also.

Day 12. Feeling better already, but it was tough at first.

You can do it.

It's only 30 days.

Last week I looked at that piece of cake in the cafe and thought of it as an old boyfriend that I had just dumped and said, "Maybe I'll take you back in 30 days; maybe not," and walked away. It felt sooooo good! This is my attitude towards any tempting foods now: they are dumped boyfriends that I may or may not take back.

Whatever works.

I am curious about your handle.




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2 C's could be for 2 Children, too.


I am with you on the day numbers now, because I fell off my program (I thought those avocado oil organic potato chips would be OK - - They are NOT) and had to start over on 2 June.

Which means today (6th) is Day 5.

I'm doing all right and I hope you are too.

I think the hardest part at first is the digestive "adjustment".

How is it going for you?

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