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  1. OncoWarrior

    Breast Cancer Members?

    firestorm, When the surgeon said that they would take the Sentinel node(s), and then depending upon the result may take Axillary nodes, I did not think to ask what that meant. My mind was out of joint at the time. But after going home I looked up those two terms online and found out. There were two articles from JAMA about studies that showed there is a very small difference in results for recurrence and life expectancy between those with axillary node dissection and and those with no axillary node dissection, and the risk of lymphedema associated with even one node, so I decided that I was not going to allow for any Axillaries. I told my surgeon that was the rule; no axillaries for me, even if the sentinel was positive. And she abided by my choice. I had two at the sentinel position; one was positive. I think I wrote to you about the BMX choice in our personal messages. If not, ask me there and I'll tell you why we did that.
  2. OncoWarrior

    Breast Cancer Members?

    They always want to save the tatas. Even if disfigured from lumpectomies. Even if we're not going to suckle any more little lambs! And if we have them off, they want to recon; they PUSH for recon. Some will send their patients to a shrink if they do not want to recon. OK. done ranting. Now for the hard question: How many lymph nodes did they take?
  3. OncoWarrior

    Breast Cancer Members?

    Hey there, Sister Firestorm! I like your handle. I shall try to write within yours like this. I wish you the very best on this program and on the whole journey, sister. Shall send you a private message. natasha OncoWarrior fighting cancer one day at a time
  4. OncoWarrior

    Breast Cancer Members?

    Dear ejjetta, Trying to write within yours with a different font and different color. I believe some of my comments may be a bit away from the Whole30 plan, and I am not sure about the rules and regulations for the postings on this forum, so I shall send you a private message with more things about our bc business.
  5. OncoWarrior

    Breast Cancer Members?

    To my fellow cancer people: I have post-op PTSD and I am back here on Day 31, to report that this program has been good for me in that my PTSD/anxiety episodes are fewer, of shorter duration, and farther in between since following this eating plan. Also, I lost 4 pounds. I see that as of today my original writing has received 110 views with no comments. Interesting. I wonder if people are just curious or maybe some are afraid of "catching something" . natasha OncoWarrior fighting cancer one day at a time
  6. Hello. I am starting my Whole30 on Saturday May 21. I wonder if there are any other breast cancer members here. I have some digestive/weight issues from my cancer medications and, also, ptsd. Hopefully, this program will be helpful for its anti-inflammatory benefits and for me/us to become stronger in the battle. OncoWarrior fighting cancer one day at a time