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Hi! I discovered Whole 30 in my quest to improve my health. This started 3 1/2 years ago with T-Tapp and going sugar free, then juice fasting. I lost 20 pounds and gained strength, but stalled in weightloss pretty quick.

Six months later I found Trim Healthy Mama and that enable me to lose thirty pounds in three months, but I ended up with adrenal fatigue, so I had to modify and eventually quit dieting, but managed to keep all but 8 pounds off.

Fast forward to the last two years We adopted a little girl from Bulgaria in 2014, had two children get married in just over one year, lost a girlfriend to suicide and a grandson was stillborn at 38 weeks. Last year was the hardest year of my life, physically (sick multiple times, six rounds of antibiotics and dealing with arthritis in SI joint), emotionally, and spiritually.

After my diagnosis of Osteoarthritis in February of this year and developing high blood pressure, I did some research and went sugar, grain and gluten free and used some of the THM recipes. I lost those 8 pounds plus another four. But I stalled once I began doing TTapp again regularly, although my clothes began fitting looser.

Further studies and two cortizone shots that netted only very temporary pain relief, and I realized (just this pass week) that I need to go dairy free. A friend stopped by yesterday, looking like a new person, having lost 65 pounds since January and she had been relieved of joint pan and many other physical issues through the AIO Paleo. But Paleo just didn't sit well with me...I don't believe in evolution. Sounded hokey.

But then I discovered Whole 30! This fits the bill of what I need to do, so I'm on board as of last night!

So I'm making my lists, and planning my prep. My goal is to be ready to start on Wednesday. I even got my husband to agree to do it with me!!

I have around 40 pound to lose, but more importantly I need get healthy so my body can heal this arthritis and make my blood pressure go down without succumbing to adrenal fatigue again.

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Today is my official start, but I was in plan yesterday except for two fruit leathers for dessert. I was testing to see if it would trigger my sugar monster, and it did, so those are no longer going to be in my eating plan for these thirty days. I weighed in at 233.7, actually my lowest weight in over twelve years! So every pounds I lose I will me making history!! But, I won't knew how much history until next month of course!

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