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Wholelottachange log starting Day 11


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I really should of started this log on day 1. I want to remember how I felt every step of the way while doing this.

Days 1-3 pretty much sucked as far as the way my body felt. My mind was strong and ready to take this on. Day 3 I also started my period and had HORRID cramps from day 3-7. Also on day 2 I had a bunch of life stressors come at me at once. Needed to keep my commitment to the kids for a fun packed weekend and also try to figure out how to be there for my dad at my grandpas memorial. I wasn't sure how I was going to stick to all these changes (even more than the typical W30) but my other life changes and AI W30 at that and go out of town AND be 2 places at once to make everyone happy. I ended up keeping the commitment to my kids, being around some seriously dangerous smelling food and missing the memorial. I was at peace with this choice because I had just seen my grandpa last month and I would go see my dad during the week when all the dust had settled around there too.

Day 8 I had my IUD removed & went on a road trip to see my dad. Surprisingly this wasn't difficult at all even though it's a 5hr drive. I just packed our food. We ate breakfast at home, lunch out of the soft cooler and dinner at my parents. Day 9 we drove back, taking our time & really enjoyed ourselves as a family. We stopped for a late lunch and I was able to get grilled salmon & steamed broccoli. No oils on anything, just dry.

TIP: a lot of time when you ask for olive oil at a resturant it will be a oil mix. So bring your own. I told the waiter I wanted the salmon but I was gluten and dairy intolerant and I didn't want any oils other than olive oil. (I had nothing because, sure enough their oil was a canola oil mix)

So with all that going on, I want to record how I was feeling.

Days 1-3: No cravings, just felt foggy & excited to be changing for the better

Day 4: Wine sounded good, but just the idea of it, not really the taste or buzz. It was Friday night. Went to bed kinda early, super tired.

Day 5: bored out of my mind & nobody was home, so it was quiet. Bed early again, tired.

Day 6: Major food obsticals, but I made it and felt good about it. Sleeping like a ROCK!

Day 7: Seriously kicked my workouts ASS!!! I felt so strong and FULL of energy!!!

Day 8: IUD out, mentally felt better instantly. Felt good on the rd trip mostly. Super tired that night, bed early. Weird dreams, but not about food. Came to the conclusion I really like to rebel. hmmmm this is a problem... lol Clarity... might have to think about this more when making choices.

Day 9: GREAT day with the family but had some ups & downs emotionaly. Felt like I wanted a 'treat'

Day 10: Feeling awesome that it's day 10. Seeing and feeling debloated! Felt kinda weak during a workout. But it was a really tough one. Discovered a new goal. Must toughen up hands for pull up bar.

Day 11: YAHOOOOOO!!!! Time is flying by, I'm sleeping well. Falling asleep easily and waking before my normal time. Gonna go ROCK a workout!

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I know I will remember this but if anyone else is curious. I'm following the autoimmune 30 day meal plan in Diane Sanfilippo's Practical Paleo.

Day 11: was a tough day emotionally. I was pretty bored. Ate too much coconut butter in IMO and I had 1.5 bottles of komucha. I then had a tummy ache and gas the rest of the night :( I was only doing it to FEEL better. I know that was not w30 of me, but I guess realizing thats what I did is in fact w30. Now to change that behaivor.

Day 12: everyday I wake up and think WOW AWESOME DAY -- !!! Does that say "I'm celebrating my vicotory!" or " holy hell I didn't think I could make it this far!" eeeh who cares, it feels good. Almost half way!!!

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Day 12 ended feeling victorious! Went a BBQ & thank God I ate before hand! Avoided all drinks & chips....YYYYYAAY ME! Felt really good all day.

Day 13: woke up at 7:30, really??? On a Sunday??? Oh well. Got up started dinner in the slow cooker, made more chkn thighs for breakfast & whenever. Started coffee. Sat down for maybe 5 min. Then ventured off to value village to find old tea jars to start my own kombucha brew. Found them! Started my first batch & now some relaxing in this fall sunshine!

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Well day 13 ended well, I felt the magic all day. Took the kids to the movies to see hotel transelvania, the smell of popcorn at first was yummy then as I entered the theater it smelled like pee. GROSS!!! Smuggled in candie for the kids, stuff I'm not really tempted by. Blow pops, mike & ikes and sixlets. I also managed to walk right on in with my iced americano, unseen or nobody cared. So that was cool. (maybe it was the rebel in me again, dangit! :ph34r: )

I see & feel the changed in my body now and so do others. The other night when I went to the bbq a girl I hadnt seen in a week kept telling me how great my legs looked, how my face was glowing my hair looked nice, blah blah blah... it felt AWESOME!!! I told her thank you, that right there makes it easier to not partake in all these tastey drinks and chips & dip! Lastnight I saw my BFF whom I had just seen the day before at the BBQ and she told me my face looked super skinny :o:D Talk about feeling really good with all those compliments the past 2 days!!! So onto day 14...lets see what it brings.

My husbands bday is tomorrow and I have decided I will be the DD if he wants to go out for drinks with friends. It's the half way mark and I honestly feel like a trillion bucks so I dont wanna screw that up.

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Day 14: was uneventful, not bad, not exciting, just there. Which was just fine. Stayed up too late waiting for hubby to get home from work, but slept well once I did go to bed.

Day 15: The half way mark! I thought I would be more excited today, huh... thats perplexing. Don't get me wrong, I am excited to have a nice glass of red wine on day 31. But all in all I feel good living this way and wont be going back. It's like when I quit eating gluten, how can you ever eat that way again knowing what you know now, feeling the way you feel when you don't. I mean I understand the whole romancing the idea of it all, but in reality...it was painful, in more ways than a tummy ache. :wacko:

Haven't worked out since Fri am, so Im kinda excited to get my sweat on tonight. We are having friends over for dinner for hubby's bday tonight. I'm not worried about temptation, I think I've had enough of that the past 2 weeks lol. I'm strong enough it wont bother me now. :D I'll be making everyday paleo chili and everyone else is bringing a side or an app. I have decided before I leave for my workout I will make some seasoned ground beef and cauli-rice, since I'm off the nightshades. It will be fun to have everyone over and play games & watch the voice. Way better than going out and just sitting there <_< with my water.

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Day 15: Had a ton of company over, stayed strong. Slept like crap, had an early meeting and I was stressin about getting there on time so I think thats why I slept bad.

Day 16: I think my workout pants are starting to fall off, I keep having to pull them back up. It's hard to tell since they are tight fitting. Endured another temptation with food, I drank my kombucha while everyone else ate. Came home and ate my good food. It really didn't bother me. Normally I'd be pissed that I couldn't have it, that they wanted to sit there and eat it when they knew I "couldn't" have any. But my additude is different now. "This is MY choice" to not eat this or that. MY CHOICE, Im not torturing myself, I'm just simply "choosing" to be more consious about the food I put in my body, thats all it is. I think I may be becoming fat adapted as well. I didn't eat before my morning meetings & then worked out with friends before they wanted to go to a resturant. My tummy wasn't growling, I wasn't angry, I was just fine. I of course was happy to get home and eat at 12:45 but didn't feel like I had to eat something while my meal was heating up. I've been wondering when/if this would ever happen. Actually around day 10 I looked it up and realized I wasn't there yet and felt bummed about it. So YAY for not wanting to stab someone with a fork while waiting for my meal to heat!!!

Because of my crappy sleep lastnight I do think I'm going to have a short rest on the couch before I get back to work.

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Day 16: Ended well, we watched a movie which made me think "snacky food time" But I didn't. Went to bed around 11:30 and woke up at 7 with a list of things to do in my head so I got up.

Day 17: HOLY CRAP I feel like I'm on the last leg. It's weird, I am kinda nervous to eat any differently now. Well off to get some work done.

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Let's chalk this up to one of the very hardest days yet! Tiger blood? I don't think so! Day 18 is the day I tried to rationalize having wine & getting back on the horse tomorrow. Like seriously went to the store & bought it even.

On the way home my BFF I had told I was rationalizing it in my mind text me back saying "don't do it, you'll be pissed at yourself tomorrow" that's all I needed. Someone to remind me what I would be feeling tomorrow if I let myself down.

I would never know how much more I could change in the next 12 days if I had drank that wine tonight.

It wasn't day 2 that I could easily restart. It wasn't day 29 that I could easily say meh good enough.

I felt just fine after I decided not to give in. Only one more Friday to go & I can call all of my w30 Fridays a success!

It's weird, I would of thought the whole weekend would be like this. But it's really only Fridays, the end of the week, time to unwind. Teaching myself new ways to unwind is difficult.

Now it's time for sleep.

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Thanks lol!

I decided why not keep my food log here too.


Day 19: coffee w/ coconut milk, cinnamon & coconut butter (first time I've tried that, it was pretty good for something special).

M:1 2 sausage patties made w/ ground pork & seasonings by yours truley.

Wanted to have butternut squash w/ it but the stupid thing took an hour to cook!

-finally butternut squash w/ coconut butter & cinnamon


M2: leftover salmon & carrot "fries" sautéed in coconut oil & sea salt. Water

M3: crock pot chicken, and a apple sautéed in coconut oil & pumpkin w/ cinnamon. (Really needing carbs today I guess. That can only mean one thing in my world. My period is lumming in the near future.)

I've been kinda blah today. Starting to feel better though. I was kinda bored today & now gettin ready to watch a movie w/ hubby.

M4: Got hungry again, few bites of chicken, raspberries (5ish) and a spoon of coconut butter. Really wanted something salty (another sign I'm close) so I had some GASP pistacios. Shouldn't have because I'm doing AI protocol.

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Day 20:!!!! Feels good to say that!

Today is prep day for the week. As in plan out meals, do laundry, ect. I slept soooo good lastnight. 10 hours! Thats roughly 1.5 hrs more than my body has been needing. As I woke up I thought, it sure is interesting that when you're not poluting your body with chemicals (including alcohol) you can really tell whats going on with yourself. I'm in tuned with my body right now, it's pretty cool. I know why I needed more sleep, salt, carbs, felt grumpy the past few days.... normally I would have ignored all these signs, eaten crap food just cause I felt like it, drank away the grumpies and thought the extra sleep was needed because of the alcohol. I also don't feel bloated like I normally do. I wonder how the cramps will be this time, with no IUD but on the other hand with better fuel. I'm shocked that it seems my hormones are already straightening out when I thought I was so screwed! Bring on the next 10 days!

M1: 2 sausage patties w/ avocado, black coffee


M2: seasoned ground beef & sweet potatoes fried in CO & cinnamon (yes I'm obsessed with cinnamon right now!)

M3: completely stuffed & content with chicken slow cooker soup.

M4:? I guess so since I was hungry. I grabbed some apples & pumpkin. I needed something I didn't have to heat. I was watching Dexter ok & couldn't pause! ;) then I had a few raspberries & coconut butter. Not my best choice but it did the trick. Now having the pumpkin tea from trader joes before bed. It's really yummy!

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Day 21: You know you're doing AI W30 when you eat leftover chicken soup for M1. LOL 2 cups black coffee, some Kombucha

I feel pretty darn good today, put on clothes and actually feel and look good! WHOOP!

My scalp is still so dry though. I was hoping this would clear up. Could be that it was, then the weather changed. Meh... still have 9 days to see if it clears itself up in 30 of clean eating.

I honestly don't remember the order my food went down today but it consisted of sweet potatoes, apples & pumpkin, a coconut Lara bar, kombucha, pumpkin tea, blueberries, chicken & more chicken, coconut butter, an apple more sweet potatoes.

I was slacking on veggies today.

My mood is good today. Was super tired though.

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Day 22: WHOOP!

I feel good still. I wont let another crazy whacked eating day happen today like it did yest. I was so all over the place and I know it's because I didn't have enough meat in the house. I had pre-cooked my carbs and had made chicken soup the day before but there was only enough leftovers for 1 meal.

So today I'm waaay more prepared.

M1: mustard glazed chicken, apples & pumpkin, black tea (2)

M2: butternut squash w/ coconut butter & cinnamon (doesn't really count as a meal)

M3: creamy broccoli & chicken soup made in the crockpot. Kombucha.

M4: roasted duck (oh Emm GEEE!!!) with heated crushed cherries.

Couple bites of those cherries & coconut butter.

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Day 23: I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm pmsing, a little bloated, light cramps, super tired, sweets would be dreamy & I'm gassy. Sorry if tmi.

M1: mustard chicken w/ sweet potatoes, black tea (1) coffee (1)

M2: creamy broccoli chicken soup leftovers


aaaak pms cravings got to me and I ate some dry almonds and rasins (keep in mind I'm doing autoimmune protocol) so this is'nt good dang it! I guess we will see how the almonds go down.

M3: little bit of left over chicken & some jicima (this didnt make me feel very good, so I didnt eat much)

M4: about 4 hrs later I was really hungry so I had some more broccoli soup (maybe too close to bedtime. Went to bed about an hr or 1.5hrs after that. Didnt disrupt sleep.)

Slept like a champ lastnight, didn't even have to get up to go to the bathroom!

Did have a longing for some really good red wine and quality dark chocolate! My pumpkin tea wasn't doing the trick, but oh well.

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Day 24: I realized I'm not getting sore after workouts now...huh! Interesting! I wish I would start my period, I feel so bloated in the tummy!

HOLY EFFING PMS!!! uuugh! Today, well this week has been a bitch monster week. "Kill all things" comes to mind. Seriously! I was thinking, is it possible to go through that stage again? Well sure when you're a whacked out hormonal woman it is!

M1: mustard chicken, sweet potatoes 1 black tea, 1/2 black coffee (wasn't feelin it)


M2: broccoli soup, tried my homemade kombucha, it's too sweet, made my tummy hurt for a min blech! Too much like sweet tea still.

raspberries & coconut butter (couple bites)

raw almonds :ph34r: (2 handfuls while waiting on dinner) sharp gas pains about 20min after. Not sure if it was the nuts or just my body freaking out cause of PMS.

M3: delicious pork meatballs out of practical paleo

Forgot to mention an annoying headache from about 5-10pm. Some gross cold bug is goin around my house. I'm hoping it wasn't that.

Pumpkin tea...

First night of magnesium citrate. Gonna try it in hot water w/ lemon.

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Day 25: Still feel bloated from PMS, my knee joints were feeling it this morning, lower back aches the way it always does during PMS. Magnesium didn't seem to do it's job as much as I expected so I'll try 2 scoops instead of 1 tonight.

M1: Steak, 2 cups coffee with coconut butter and cinnamon

M2: 4 pork meatballs

Kombucha, snacked on a few bites of steak


M3: crockpot chicken soup,coconut butter

2 scoops of magnesium in hot lemon water

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Day 26: Im pretty happy today. Slept not so good, just really light. Have a kink in my neck. but it's not really bothering me.

black coffee w/ coconut butter

chicken soup

1 more coffee


-----I made the decision to do only 25 days this time----

Lunch was no compliant but still paleo. We went out to eat. I had a bacon lettuce wrapped burger, fruit & a Bloody Mary.

Later that night we went to a gathering. I had wine, a few bites of steak, fruit salad made with just fruit & cinnamon. A few pieces of Kerrygold cheese.

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The next day: mother of all headaches! Super tired. Ate like crap, wanted everything!

Today is now Monday. I feel normal again. FINALLY started my period today WOOOHOOO! Now the pms & bloating can go away!!! I'm back to completely clean autoimmune protocol. It's a slippery slop & it took me down FAST! I do have a couple plans for drinks this coming weekend, but won't be drinking during the week or eating crap the next day.

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