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Wrote bout the successful bits in access stories topic, as I wobble off down the road without training wheels.

This morning felt no need to go and do anything different to any other morning for the past 30 days. Stuck to eggs and bacon and veg and am happy with that.

Since I've not been shopping today it's going to be left overs from last night for lunch.

Shopping will be a bit of a conundrum. Should I try a bit of cheese or a yoghurt or buy a bottle of wine or some chocolate just because I'm no longer on W30? I almost feel compelled to try something,on the other hand I don't feel any need to try anything or eat anything other than real food.

Fruit is so good this time of year that that's my treat.

The supermarket is just so full of crap these days that buying anything g that is processed is hard work because of reading labels. To be honest,if it's in a packet I tend feel distain for it and the producer of it.Since Cadbury sold out to Kraft, Dairy Milk's no longer nice and creamy, so what's to make me want to eat these things other than habit. Habit that I've just spent 30 days breaking.

A glass of wine maybe my first new try.

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Introduced milk and it really hit me.

Stuffy nose, the cough that I didn't realise I had got rid of came back. Still feeling the e effects two days late.

So no more milk.

Wine is fine though!

At the end of the whole 30 I tried eating a small snack before bed and slept like a log. Now had three night of awesome sleep. That's more than I usually have in a year. It's must be 20 years since I've slept like this.

I'm hoping that sleeping so well will help my weight loss.

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