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From paleo-ish to Whole 30


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Hello all! I am going to start my Whole 30 on July 1, 2016. My husband is doing it with me so I hope to get him on here soon. I am 29 in North Carolina. I am a member of the Nerd Fitness Academy which has introduced me to being paleo. I am hoping that this reset will get me over my drug addict level addiction to sugar and sweet foods in general. I hope my experience with being paleo-ish will help me with this month. I already don't really eat pasta except once every couple of months. I eat bread only when I go out sometimes. I hardly eat dairy except sweet stuff like ice cream. I have done a lot of improvements since last October after my wedding but I have been slacking off for the last couple months. I hope to really kick things into high gear this month.


My goals are to not only lose weight but just to feel better. My main thing (if I get nothing else out of this) is to kick my sugar cravings to the curb. If I can conquer that one beast then I will say this is a success even if I don't lose one pound.


As for my hobbies: I ride a motorcycle, am a nerd all the way, love anime, listen to all kinds of music, and love my 3 kids (2 cats and a dog lol).


I hope I get to meet some of you and make it though these 30 days better than ever! 

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