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  1. greenhm

    The crazy things people say

    So many things...but here are some more recent things I've gotten: Friend (while at her Christmas party)'s response to me not wanting the sweets: " deserve to treat yourself once in a while!" Me: "Yea, I could make the choice to eat them, but then my face will break out" Friend: "Your diet is no fun" People tend to throw that at me a lot, that I don't get to have any fun or that the food I'm eating doesn't sound like fun Or the general one I've gotten from multiple people - "What? But *insert non compliant food* is good for you! I've eaten it my whole life and never had any issues." I don't bother arguing, I try to take the stance of doing it for myself and my health, otherwise people dig their heels in "How do you get calcium? Aren't you worried about your bones?" "We've advanced as a society so now we can harness more foods through agriculture and new technology. Don't you think our ancestors would have eaten these foods if they'd had access?" - friend referring to grains and dairy