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  1. greenhm

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Day 3 for me (started late). Felt fairly sluggish/tired all day and have not had much of an appetite. My workout didn't go as great either, my endurance wasn't there like usual. I know this is the part of the timeline where you might need to try to take it easy and rest, which isn't easy for me. Surprisingly, so far I haven't experienced the headaches that I have in past rounds.
  2. greenhm

    I am starting on September 12th!

    I am going with how I have felt having done this three times already, plus the Whole30 timeline. And knowing how I've been doing leading up to this round. I know after the first couple of days, it can hit hard. If it's about power of suggestion on myself, I'm not at all concerned. I was being realistic.
  3. greenhm

    Lara bars; wiser now

    I realized in my last round that they were partly a sweet fix for me, also. I've decided not to use them this round at all, unless I'm in a serious pinch!
  4. greenhm

    I am starting on September 12th!

    Day 1 in the books. Feeling fine, but I imagine I won't in a couple of days from now lol. This round I'm trying to eat pre/post workout meals because I'm really bad at that. I almost always use leftovers for lunch, which helps me get through this much easier :). Really need this reset right now!
  5. greenhm

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Tomorrow will be my Day 1! Nervous about the first few days of withdrawals, but looking forward to feeling good and healthy again
  6. greenhm

    I am starting on September 12th!

    Tomorrow will be day 1 of my 4th round
  7. greenhm

    Canadians doing Whole30

    Starting my 4th round tomorrow! I live in Nova Scotia
  8. greenhm

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Enjoying reading all of the posts so far! I'm waiting to start my 4th round until next week after some food allergy/intolerance testing I'm doing mid-week with my ND. My mom is gearing up to do her first round with me, too :)! I've been feeling pretty ill and having so many reactions to the foods I've been eating leading up to/ for my testing... so there's definitely something there!! I'm hoping for some concrete answers. I'm also curious as to whether there are other foods that could be problematic for me that i wouldn't think to 'eliminate' because there are Whole30 or paleo. For example, onions tend to upset my stomach and give me cramping and gas. We shall see what turns up on the results :). I'm looking forward to getting back to normal, feeling healthy and confident, sleeping better, and performing better at the gym. I'll be jumping in soon!
  9. greenhm

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Cool! I'll have to look for you :). Yup, it would be round #4. Thinking I'll start around the second week of September. I have to eat some off plan food before getting my food intolerance testing done in order for the test to be able to detect any antigens my body has produced in response to said food. Not feeling well at all :(. I'm 100% sure that dairy makes me sick and I'm wondering about gluten/grains. It'll be interesting to see what the tests show, then back to whole30!!!
  10. greenhm

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Oops, somehow it didn't sign me in to my account lol. It just created a new one instead of telling me my username was wrong. Shouldn't have tried to sign in on a different device ha-ha!
  11. greenhm

    July Whole30 - Starting July 3rd :)

    Awesome NSVs! I'm also an abstainer. I like Melissa's one bite rule and the "worth it" gage. Last night was my anniversary and i had some of my favourite wine plus a piece of our wedding cake. I got a headache nearly right away, but making that choice was a worth it moment. I have a CrossFit competition in the morning and my sister is coming to visit for the week. My husband and I went out for sushi earlier this week and the owner who knows us commented how she hasn't seen us in a while. She immediately commented that I look like I've lost weight and that I look great! So must be noticeable enough . My body composition has changed a lot with doing two whole30s this year and getting back to CrossFit since January. there's a big one starting September. Is anyone else doing it?
  12. greenhm

    July Whole30 - Starting July 3rd :)

    I lost 9lbs and 8 inches . I posted details and my progress on Instagram . I am also not great at moderation so I need to constantly ask myself if something is worth having. I'm feeling my best right now and I don't want that to change. There are foods I'm not reintroducing because I know from research and past rounds that they harm me more than they help, like dairy and soy. And also continuing with some mini streaks that I'm challenging myself to stick to like not having junk food. Congrats everyone! Good luck with reintroductions.
  13. greenhm

    July Whole30 - Starting July 3rd :)

    Today was Day 30 ! I can't believe it. Wooooooooot
  14. greenhm

    July Whole30 - Starting July 3rd :)

    Those are great compliments! Lol I've had dreams about going off plan and doing something wrong, too! Yup end of Day 27 now. I think I'll keep going...but not sure how long more. My sister is visiting next week so I want to be able to go for sushi and drink wine with her lol. I also don't want to go backwards. So I might make mini mile stones to stick to and not 'break the streak' on. Not sure yet !
  15. greenhm

    July Whole30 - Starting July 3rd :)

    It takes up a lot of time and effort for sure!! I end up using leftovers every day for lunch plus have to get up early enough to make breakfast and what helps me is having veggies pre cut up. With dinner I have a lot of support from my husband most nights he is helping get things started as I commute almost an hour to and from work. We sometimes have a plan, and sometimes we get stuck and in those times I have to have some fast dinners at the ready either frozen or in my mind, like picking up a salad and hard boiled eggs at the store for example. I feel like I carry a lot of food with me lol. This is also my third round so I've gotten creative and learned what my personal snags and obstacles are most likely to be