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Day 31 -- I feel pretty good, not earth shattering


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Today is Day 31.


Over the past 30 days I have discovered:

  • I absolutely cannot eat eggs.
  • Avocado does not agree with me.
  • I typically do not eat enough fat, even when trying.
  • I'm still not hungry in the morning, but I'm not hungry as often as I used to be.
  • I don't miss wine as much as I thought I would.
  • My previous digestion issues are almost nonexistent.
  • I don't like Tessamae dressings. My homemade are so much better.
  • Some "healthy" foods and compliant sausages do not taste good and are very expensive.
  • Buying the book was definitely worthwhile. (I tried to follow everything religiously, though I've made a few mistakes.)

I did not have that "I feel wonderful" experience so many Whole30ers do. I feel pretty good. I've felt this good before. I am less tired during the day, but my race pace is not up to par yet.


I'm not sleeping any better. (I've been waking up a couple times a night.) I had a major skin breakout this week. And I have not burned much of the layer of fat around my middle.


I weighed myself today and immediately wished I had bought a new scale a long time ago. At first it said I lost 6 lbs. I moved the scale over a few inches, and it said I lost only 1 lb. (More realistic considering how my clothes fit.) After several weighings, moving the scale each time, I lost anywhere from 1 to 8 lbs. My clothes still fit the same -- slightly snug.


Though fat loss was actually a side goal, I am disappointed. I've lost more than 1 lb just during marathon training, reducing my beer consumption, and not changing how I eat. I spent 30 days overthinking every morsel of food, not drinking any alcohol, and I lost only 1 lb. My training miles are increasing right now, so that could be why I am now losing weight -- it might have nothing to do with Whole30.


I do think that just figuring out which foods affect me negatively makes this entire process worthwhile. I've had digestion problems for years, but never bothered to figure out why.


So I'm starting the reintroduction of foods. On my 31st wedding anniversary today, I will add wine with dinner. It's a celebration -- I want wine.


Over the next week, I will follow the schedule for reintroducing foods and figure out what causes me problems. (I am not planning to add in sugar. I do not miss it.) This knowledge alone will be very beneficial.


I'm sure in the next few weeks I will lose weight and burn fat because I always do when training for a half marathon.


So, yes, this was a positive experience, but not earth shattering.


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Congrats on finishing your W30!  Sorry to hear you can't eat eggs or avocado--it would have been hard for me to get protein for Meal 1 without eggs, and I adore avocado with just about anything.  I hope you have a very happy 31st anniversary, and enjoy your wine.  :) I missed wine a lot during my 2 W30's, but not as much as I thought I would, as you said.  

    So, I'm curious, since you go by "fast walker," does that mean you walk your marathons?  I am a daily walker, and have done both half and full-marathons, all walking, as running is not enjoyable at all for me (or my knees or feet).  



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Yes! I've walked 2 full marathons and more than 45 half marathons. I've completed up to 7 halves in one year. Typically I do 4-6 a year, along with a few 5Ks or 4 milers.


I'm a member of a Columbus walking club. We typically train for races together which makes the long mileage days so much easier. We meet for a group walk every Saturday and some of us meet in small groups for speed workouts during the week.


Since you are also from Columbus, I bet we have been at some of the same half marathons.



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