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Day 8- This is Awesome!


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I posted this on the athlete board but figured some of the newbies starting up might need a little inspiration.

I will admit to only being 98% compliant but my eating and attitude towards food has done a complete 180 in about a week. When I have indulged, I have limited it to a glass of wine or a couple pieces of candy instead of totally throwing in the towel and losing control. I've probably leaned out a bit since clothes are feeling baggy but I feel fantastic, energy is good, skin is better than ever, stomach isn't bloated (hello 4 pack :) and I've been PRing on my pullups and pushups. Could it be the extra protein, less processed/fake sugar, addition of a little coconut milk, who knows? All I can say is it is working.

My advice to the newbies is to stick it out and if you teeter a bit don't beat yourself up and vow to do better. The fact that I haven't had artificial sugar or chocolate from any of my co-workers candy dishes in over a week makes me pretty proud, it's those small changes that lead to overall success.

Keep taking it one day at a time whole30ers!

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