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Proving to myself I am in Control!!


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Hello forum of believers. I am starting Right Now! I have no reason to wait. Only my stupid justifications have kept me from living life. I am commiting and telling the world on this forum. Am I strong enough? Can I really do it? I have tried several times before..But this is going to be different. Because I have posted my picture to the world. Ok so maybe this forum doesn't reach the whole world... Maybe not even anyone I really know. But... World of readers, I need to change. I am overweight, sick, and miserable. I am desperate to be healthy, to be vibrant, and to be alive! I am starting now! I will do this! I love the tough love words. And laughed out loud when I imagined tripping and falling into a box of doughnuts. That image will stick with me. Am I a person with my face in doughnuts? Complaing that going without is too hard? You mentioned quitting heroine as being hard..and this is easy. If I can do this I will know I am strong, that I am in control, and that I have a choice. Thank you for this website, this forum, and your willingness to tell me the truth. Eating junk is making me fat, miserable, and sick. The simple answer is to stop eating it. Today is the day I claim my agency. Freeing myself from the chains of food addiction and stand amoung the fighters. Day One!

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