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Chrisko's Whole30 Log - Aug 7th Start


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Week 1down!  I have done low carb before but I never thought I could give up dairy,  I definitely feel clearer in the head and lighter in the belly but am still very tired.  I have been watching True Blood and am starting to think I can understand how it feels for those vampires to be around blood.  Kind of how I feel when my kids leave out popcorn, donuts, etc.  Ack! :) I have more control than I thought I would though. Found some go to foods I really like roasted brussel spouts with Prosciutto.  Mmmmm.  I always keep some in the fridge in case I get caught hungry without a lot of time.  They are delicious even cold which make them perfect.  

Pros:  I love the feeling of not eating packaged foods.  My husband is supper supportive and even surprising me with making Whole30 meals.  I find myself enjoying fresh, simple foods, even using less salt that I used to.  Aches and pain in some of my knuckles which I assumed was arthritis is much better!

Cons:  Tired.  Body shape feels the same which I know is to be expected after only 1 week.  Still hard to grocery shop and walk past all the fresh made bread. 

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