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Hi again!  I'm starting another Whole30 on September 22nd with a coworker and her friend.  It should be interesting, since I out-age them by 20 years, 3 children, a 22 year marriage and menopause.  Hah.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to coming back.  I have done a few Whole30 runs in the past several years, but always struggled on Day 15 (often going off track for that day and starting over).  My downfall is chocolate or chocolate covered anything (good chocolate; I'm a snob). I'm going into this Whole30 with a commitment to breakfast and a cabinet WITHOUT nuts/seeds to gorge on when floundering.  I love how my taste buds burst alive again and recognize the incredible sweetness of a yellow pepper or cucumber.  I can't wait!  I would start sooner, but my 22nd wedding anniversary is 8/20 and I don't want to worry about what oil my salad is tossed in or what spice blend is on my steak.  It looks like the Forum has changed a bit so I'll start browsing.  I hope a few of my old "friends" are still here!

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