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Birthday Victory!


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So, I just celebrated my 51st Bday. Instead of dining out, we did a bbq. Hubby grilled steaks and we also made plan compliant sides; "fried" potato slices (his daddy used to make them when they went camping), spinach (with a squeeze of lemon), and sauteed mushrooms in ghee, olive oil and with salt, pepper and garlic to taste. For a special treat... kiwis for "dessert". I was so satisfied with this meal, and did not miss cake at all! I know it probably doesn't sound like much of a victory to many of you, but for YEARS I joked that my 3 best recipes were dine out, order in and drive through. 20 days now on plan, and the only thing I truly feel like I am challenged by is eating so heavy for meal 1.  My body is accepting it though, and no more heartburn, no more waking up feeling like a cripple due to inflammation, and feel more capable in the kitchen. My hubby even bragged to a friend that the meals are good!


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