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Julie sharing whole30 results!


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This is my first post here, and I hope it's inspiring to those new to whole30! I got on the scale today and I dropped 9 pounds, but that wasn't the biggest improvement. My skin, mood, joints, energy, and so many things on the checklist are much much better. Day 4 and 5 sucked bad. And I didn't even do a binge before I started... I did do a --mostly vegetable--juice fast for 4 days in advance that did include some fruit juices and maple syrup and salads, so the end of sugars felt like a wine hangover. Not having alcohol was not a thing for me, being a longtime clean and sober person for almost 3 decades. Anyway. My journey started with the left-hand picture on July 23, 2016, and this was after 4 days of the fast and 1/2 way through my 1st day of whole30! The other picture was this morning before I got dressed, in the same get-up. What a difference in skin-tone, outlook, smile, and shape! Hope this motivates some of you out there.

I'm continuing with a slow-roll. No big cravings here, except for: gluten free oatmeal and my homemade granola that I make with it (made with coconut oil and local honey, and dehydrated pre-soaked nuts) organic popcorn with ghee, soft goat cheese, and that delicious drunken goat cheese, and gluten-free pancakes. I like sushi, so I plan on getting a little squeeze bottle in which I can take coconut aminos when I go out to eat. And I like raw oysters, and have found a horseradish that has only vinegar in it--no sulfites or anything else, so I could conceivably take that with me to the oyster bar, or even to the sushi bar in place of wasabi... 

Otherwise, I see no reason to go off whole30, cuz I've been enjoying the food and what it's doing for me. I have psoriatic arthritis, and the joint pain is somewhat relieved, but it was my main impetus for doing this. Though it's relieved somewhat, I think it's going to take more time on this plan to alleviate. So I will carry on. 

Rock on, everyone!

before and after whole30 stellaxmastune.jpg

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