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Gourmet Grassfed Cherry Chipotle

Benjamin Shine

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I just ordered & received a "sampler" pack from Gourmet Grassfed, which is listed as whole30-approved:


I'm worried about the Cherry Chipotle flavor, though.

The website says that flavor has no added sugar:


but the ingredients listed on the package does list sugar!

Ingredients: Beef, cherries (cherries, sugar), sea salt, chipotle, pepper, celery powder, garlic, starter culture.

I'm thinking this means I should put the cherry chipotle jerky aside until I'm done with my first Whole30. Melissa, Dallas, any comments?

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I believe our Whole30 page says only the original flavor is approved for the program. (At least, it should!) They are working on sourcing no-sugar-added cherries to make the flavor W30 Approved, but until then you'll have to set them aside. Sorry! They are delicious.

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