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We did it!


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My son, husband and I are on day 31! Hubby has lost 14lbs, I have lost 8. The kiddo is eating new foods and liking them, plus he is calmer and more able to focus. I also notice a sense of well being and lack of joint pain. Heck.. I am even contemplating EXCERCISE (gasp) once the weather cools down.

Personally, I would keep going whole 30 but I know my family is ready for reintroduction of some stuff. So today, we get corn. Frozen corn at lunch.. see how it affects us and then if good we will do corn tortillas with pulled pork at dinner. I know that's not the normal reintro.. but its what they wanted back most of all! So, we are doing our own reintroduction. I personally intend to stick to whole30 as closely as possible as I am enjoying how I feel while on it. However, I do not mind trying some stuff to see if I react.. or not.. so I can plan for enjoying them down the line!

Thank you to everyone here who was so supportive, and thank you for this program! FINALLY, something that makes sense!

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