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Hello,  My husband and I have been on this since February 1, 2016.  I have lost close to 50 pounds.  Husband has done well, not as much, but he didn't need to lose as much as I do.

The first 90 Days has went well.  I lost almost 20, in the 1st month, then continued losing until about June (5 months later).  I seem to be stuck.  I did a "re-introduction in July, strict 30 day process.  Have not lost anymore.  although I seem to maintain my current weight, I still need to lose about another 30 pounds.  I am getting tired of the same old foods, and really tired of Zucchini  and squashes.   Salads, and chicken/pork/venison.   

What else can I do?  Yes, I exercise.  I am sure not enough, but due to a bad knee I can only due so much and certain types of exercise.  I swim 3 days a week.  Do stairs several times a day.  We have tried to add in a few things.  Hubby doesn't tolerate dairy very well.  Doesn't seem to bother me.  Grains we avoid, as they do bother me or so hubby tells me.  I don't snore anymore, nor do I belch like I use to.  We seem to think it is the Grains that was causing that.  We do use some natural sugars, such as Maple syrup and honey, but not very much.  We were wondering what is so wrong with Legumes, as they are high in protein, but did some research on the nutrient absorption and that seems to be an issue, so I guess they will stay off the "menu".

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