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Sinus infection and reintroductions

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So I'm going into the 3rd week of a sinus infection and it's driving me bonkers. I am on day 4 of antibiotics (I finally broke down and saw the dr on Friday. I think this is also the first time I've had to take antibiotics for a sinus infection) and I've done nasal rinses, sudafed, Tylenol, xylitol nasal spray, hot showers, the works to try and knock it out. I felt well enough yesterday to try and reintroduce dairy but the sinus infection knocked me off my butt near the end of the day (so i am going to continue staying away from dairy for a bit longer and possibly hold off on other reintroductions until I have more than a day of feeling ok). 

Aside from bone broth (which I have difficulty sipping on even in winter and it's too warm here for hot soups which I love), what are some good things to keep my sinuses in check and get through the day? I think I'll add some more kombucha to my meals for the probiotics to help with the antibiotics. Am I missing anything?

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