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  1. I'm not a t2 per se but my endonwas encouraging of the w30. Her only complaint was how much prep it would be. Just a heads up, starchy veggies help on some things, but try not to eat them for every meal and also be aware medicine needs may change as your body adjusts.
  2. So after reading the ingredients, the fruit flavored hot teas and the herbal chai are not compliant. The cinnamon chai (tea bag, not latte), earl grey, mint majesty and jade citrus mint, and emperor green tea are all compliant. I think most of the iced of not all have sugar added and the herbal chai has amaranth (a grain, not compliant)
  3. That tea isn't compliant. I think most of their flavored iced teas are not going to be ok, but a lot of their hot teas will be. You can always ask for a steeped hot tea and a large cup of ice and make your own iced tea
  4. I'm sorry! I love five guys with a passion and often eat a bacon cheeseburger when not on w30 but nutrition labels are tricky.
  5. even bacon cured in sugar has 0g sugar listed so I wouldn't risk it
  6. I keep small boxes of juice for quick raises to blood sugar and then when I'm at a good level, I eat a snack/mini meal and then make a note of what I can change for future meals.
  7. Our house rule is 3 bites (no determined size of bites... Could be nibble, could be huge mouthfuls) before they can ask for something else. And i also try a variety of ways of preparing the veggies. My daughter doesn't like anything noodle related, whether spaghetti squash or zoodles but will eat her weight in brussel sprouts and brocolli (and the meaty spaghetti sauce) And she even takes my mushrooms (which I personally can't stand) and eats them happily. Sometimes she likes sweet potatoes, sometimes she doesn't, but i keep offering foods to her, whether or not I think she will like them. (So