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  1. Karen_Suep

    Baby Led Weaning

    My daughter is just starting to get a little more picky... she's three. She will eat almost everything I eat. When she started foods, I chose to be careful in introducing them slowly and will probably do similarly when my son decides he wants to start foods (right now he's like no way! I want noms from mom! Lol) but seriously she eats Thai food and Indian food that have a little more kick than I liked when I was a kid and her cousins who've had more candy in a week than she's had in her life are super picky. I guess we are winning
  2. Karen_Suep


    I just googled their website which said sunflower oil not rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is in all their other meats though IRC
  3. Karen_Suep

    Baby Led Weaning

    That sounds odd. my daughter has been mostly water since she could have non breast milk liquids. I don't know much about meat and I don't understand giving essentially sugar to a young kid since they say not to give sweetened stuff til one (even that's seemingly impossible) i noticed our pediatrician had suggestions to give more allergenic food (aside from whole milk and other things their bodies can't handle due to maturity) before the age one one starting at 6 months for not cereals. I know. I'm no help. My son has the go ahead for cereals but he hasn't shown interest in food and I enjoy nursing too much lol
  4. Karen_Suep

    Question for Type 2 Diabetics

    I'm not a t2 per se but my endonwas encouraging of the w30. Her only complaint was how much prep it would be. Just a heads up, starchy veggies help on some things, but try not to eat them for every meal and also be aware medicine needs may change as your body adjusts.
  5. Karen_Suep

    Starbucks Teas - Is "Infused" Compliant?

    So after reading the ingredients, the fruit flavored hot teas and the herbal chai are not compliant. The cinnamon chai (tea bag, not latte), earl grey, mint majesty and jade citrus mint, and emperor green tea are all compliant. I think most of the iced of not all have sugar added and the herbal chai has amaranth (a grain, not compliant)
  6. Karen_Suep

    Starbucks Teas - Is "Infused" Compliant?

    That tea isn't compliant. I think most of their flavored iced teas are not going to be ok, but a lot of their hot teas will be. You can always ask for a steeped hot tea and a large cup of ice and make your own iced tea
  7. Karen_Suep

    Anyone done a Whole30 with a large family?

    Just be careful with the canned chicken. My Costco has non compliant:( but I've found compliant tuna! Just remember that because it seems like it should be compliant doesn't always make it so. Read labels for eeeeverything.
  8. Karen_Suep

    Orange juice

    Water is the preferred beverage on w30. You can use juice to sweeten things but it's highly discouraged as a drink for a variety of reasons
  9. Karen_Suep

    Whole30 and Five Guys

    I'm sorry! I love five guys with a passion and often eat a bacon cheeseburger when not on w30 but nutrition labels are tricky.
  10. Karen_Suep

    Whole30 and Five Guys

    even bacon cured in sugar has 0g sugar listed so I wouldn't risk it
  11. Karen_Suep

    Question for Type 2 Diabetics

    I keep small boxes of juice for quick raises to blood sugar and then when I'm at a good level, I eat a snack/mini meal and then make a note of what I can change for future meals.
  12. Karen_Suep

    ALL Tessemae or Just Some?

    What makes something compliant is the ingredients. Things like dates, fruit, vegetables, etc have naturally occurring sugars that have to be recorded on the nutrition label legally. Things like stevia, a not compliant ingredient, would have 0 sugar but the item would be non compliant. My advice, unless advised by a doctor for medical reasons, IGNORE NUTRITION LABELS! Focus on making sure all the INGREDIENTS are compliant.
  13. Karen_Suep

    ALL Tessemae or Just Some?

    Read the ingredients. There may be something (like soy or a minuscule amount of sweetener) that makes it not compliant. The nutrition label won't tell you that. ETA: if everything is compliant in the ingredients, then enjoy!
  14. Karen_Suep

    peanut butter and jelly is all they want

    Our house rule is 3 bites (no determined size of bites... Could be nibble, could be huge mouthfuls) before they can ask for something else. And i also try a variety of ways of preparing the veggies. My daughter doesn't like anything noodle related, whether spaghetti squash or zoodles but will eat her weight in brussel sprouts and brocolli (and the meaty spaghetti sauce) And she even takes my mushrooms (which I personally can't stand) and eats them happily. Sometimes she likes sweet potatoes, sometimes she doesn't, but i keep offering foods to her, whether or not I think she will like them. (Sometimes reverse psychology helps, but I'm not always a fan of tricking my kids to eat something). My husband and I are both texture eaters. There are some things we won't touch because the texture is odd, but we also don't let that stop us from offering it to our kids. Keep offering them a variety of foods prepared different ways and they may surprise you with what they'll eat. And ask questions if they don't like something. Did it taste bad? Did it feel weird? Maybe if we add (insert flavor/seasoning here) it would taste better. Wanna try? Some kids have to try things 40 times before they like it. Some kids like it immediately.