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  1. Karen_Suep

    Needing some easy meal ideas

    Brown ground meat, stir in compliant pizza sauce. Serve over caulirice or on sweet potato toast. Voila. Pizza Joes! i also make a large batch of taco meat. Beef stew: throw compliant broth, stew meat, carrots onion celery potato salt pepper garlic whatever in a slow cooker. And it's great left over!
  2. Karen_Suep

    Sweet tooth- Need Help!

    Reformed sweet tooth here. I cut out sweets almost cold turkey because I was suddenly diagnosed as diabetic three years ago. Eating more fat (like a spoonful of mayo or a handful of olives) helped with the whole30 sweet urges (I also utilized fruit and cinnamon more to bring out the natural sweetness in things.) and I don't even have sugar or flour in my house anymore. following the template will help immensely. When you want to eat and it's not around meal time ask yourself why you want to eat. Is it habit? Choose something else to do. Are you legit hungry and ready to eat bland/boring food? Eat a mini meal (protein, fat veggies) you can do this.
  3. Karen_Suep

    What did you have for supper last night?

    I had leftover beef stew last night. I'm not currently on w30 so the caramel color in the broth wasn't a deal breaker, but if you want to make it compliant, it's not too difficult if you find bone broth or make your own. I browned some stew meat in my skillet, then tossed it in the pot with a white sweet potato, 1lb rainbow baby carrots, 2 yellow onions, 3-4 stalks celery, salt, pepper, garlic powder and 4-? Whole garlic cloves (there's never too much garlic for me). I deglazed my skillet with some water and then tossed that into the pot. Filled the rest of the way with broth and let it simmer for a few hours. And it was so good as leftovers too! It was perfect for the first wintry day this year.
  4. Karen_Suep

    Whole Foods 365 organic almond milk

    Ingredients could also have changed in the last 4 years
  5. Karen_Suep

    Is Tea allowed on IBS LOW-FODMAP Whole30?

    Maybe stick to more herbal teas? Peppermint and ginger tend to be gentle on digestion and actually often help, at least with the stomach side of things. I love chai but stopped drinking it as much when I was pregnant with my daughter, so I started drinking an herbal tea with a similar flavor profile. (Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice... ingredients: cinnamon, roasted chicory, roasted carob, natural spice and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg)
  6. Karen_Suep


    Maybe have a post instead of pre and post? Post work out is generally lean protein and optional starchy veg and is important for recovery. Pre should be protein and fat but not every one needs it.
  7. Karen_Suep


    I might also suggest finding compliant chicken sausages. I've seen them from Aidell's and True Story and there may be other brands (double check ingredients!) i really like chicken tikka masala from againstallgrain.com or the green curry from The Domestic Man. Also making burrito bowls from the domestic man is delicious too. (I use left over meat for adding to scrambled eggs and top with guacamole and salsa!) there are several brands of sustainably caught fish that you can use for things like Mel joulwan's salmon cakes or for nom mom paleo's spicy tuna cakes. I don't know that you necessarily need to start over but you may choose to add days in order to reach your goals.
  8. Karen_Suep

    Baby Led Weaning

    My daughter is just starting to get a little more picky... she's three. She will eat almost everything I eat. When she started foods, I chose to be careful in introducing them slowly and will probably do similarly when my son decides he wants to start foods (right now he's like no way! I want noms from mom! Lol) but seriously she eats Thai food and Indian food that have a little more kick than I liked when I was a kid and her cousins who've had more candy in a week than she's had in her life are super picky. I guess we are winning
  9. Karen_Suep

    Having A Tough Time On Vacation!

    Can you get to a natural grocers easily? Or a Trader Joe's? Both have easy to find canned fish/chicken (NG has pop tabs!) also find some olives or similarly portable fat and keep it in your bag. I know of other things at NG that are easily compliant if you can make it there.
  10. Karen_Suep

    Day 4 and I Got Lost

    Ghee is so easy to make so it doesn't have to break the bank. Use whatever unsalted butter you have and you can make it quite easily. Mayo is also another good fat. I normally hate it but I tried homemade and I love it. Just don't give me any store bought hellmans or miracle whip :-p
  11. Karen_Suep

    Day 4 and I Got Lost

    oxMaybe instead of saving grapes for a snack, try to have them in a chicken salad or on top of your salad. It'll make the sugar dragon tamer! Aim for other fats besides nuts. Try not having nuts for a few days and try rendered animal fats, ghee, coconut (oil, flesh, or milk!), olives, avocado, etc. don't feel like you need to start over, but learn from today. And follow the template and tomorrow can be easier
  12. Find other outlets for stress too. I've found journaling Particularly helpful. I also enjoy coloring too. Anything to get my mind off food helps. Yoga is good for distressing too. Basically find non food ways to deal with stress.
  13. Karen_Suep

    Honey for sinus trouble

    @jazzman4259 it's so worth it! I had to google how to do it. But seriously try the Xlear. It's pretty good too
  14. Karen_Suep

    Honey for sinus trouble

    I had a sinus infection during my last week of whole30. It was painful. A few compliant things I did (before breaking down to go to the doc for antibiotics... it was a baaaad infection): nasal rinses (such as a neti pot), xlear (a xylitol saline spray... literally a standard saline spray with xylitol added. Xylitol isn't compliant to eat, but is ok for toothpastes and nasal rinses), bone broth, spicy foods... i was seriously wigged out by the neti pot. But when I tried it, I was pretty happy with the relief I got. Ultimately, I didn't do preventive measures soon enough so I had to take antibiotics.
  15. Karen_Suep

    Veggies for breakfast

    Things I used to do: 1: make a breakfast casserole with eggs, an additional protein (usually pork I seasoned like sausage), and all the veggies I could fit in the baking dish (kale, broccoli, tomatoes, onion, sweet potato, etc). It's super simple and I usually get 6-8 servings out of it. (I would eat it cold. I still do that) 2: make enough veggies for the previous day(s) and eat them with my protein and fat. Ive also heard about making blended soups to help get veggies in. I'm not always a fan of soup but I found a compliant ginger carrot soup locally that is now my kryptonite. I could make it and I probably should (because money!) but it is seriously one of my favorite things. Basically, simmer veggies in a broth and either blend it, or leave as is. You can either eat it cold or warm it up (if blended, you can throw it in a travel mug and take it with you)