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I was originally going to wait until Nov 1 to start the W30 since I knew If I started sooner I would have to make it through Canadian Thanksgiving, a wedding and this convention in Las Vegas, but decided to go ahead and start (to start reaping the benefits sooner) and if I had to go off plan for Vegas, well so be it.

Now that I am on Day 21 I realllllly don't want to botch the last week. It will suck to miss out on a few cocktails and maybe some amazing desserts, but I think I can do it.

I went GF in July and haven't looked back, so I definitely will be staying away from my previously beloved crepes at Mon Ami Gabi.

The hardest Part is that there will be organized meals within the convention. They are providing a "deluxe continental" breakfast, all break foods and lunches. They have organized dinner to a steakhouse twice, and italian place (where my only option may be salad) and a Japanese place.

Because of the nature of the convention, I don't want to be a pain in the ass, but also I don't *want* my Only dinner option to be pasta or sushi. I don't know at this point if we will be offered a fix menu or if we can have full choice selections...

I am coming in from Canada and won't be able to haul my own stuff. We won't (I don't think) have a fridge in our room.

Previously I would have relied on dairy (a latte or coffee and cream) to help keep me full to avoid the standard muffin/Danish tray but now that won't be an option.

Any thoughts?Thanks!


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