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Day 31


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Day 31. Who knew a month could be so short and so long? I had a rather easy time with my Whole 30. Lots of good fresh food, as much salty yum yums as my heart desired, and I got over my cravings for bread around Day 10.

I have lost 10 lbs, 2.5% body fat, a whole slew of inches from my belly and booty. Clothes are loose and fitting differently.

This morning I toasted a bagel, smeared some chipotle cream cheese on it, and ate it UP. I know I wasn't following the rules of reintroducing one item at a time, but I really really wanted a bagel. Unfortunately it turned out to be sort of meh! I didn't enjoy it as much as I had dreamed I would. I hope I have conquered my desire for bread.

I am really looking forward to doing the Whole 30 again in a few months. I felt really strong and healthy. If it weren't for the lack of grains and legumes, I would stick with it permanently.

Tata for now.

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