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I made it this far.... First Post-Whole 30


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I started my first Whole30 on 8/18/18

Here is my last post

 Day 33

weight loss 11 pounds. Clothes fitting better, skin better, exercise level up  

Resolve to continue good eating. 100 percent. 

Plan.   Continue to eat "mostly compliant" for the next 10 when I will leave for an 8 day trip. Looking to start round 2 on or about 10/10. 

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...and I feel that I did pretty well. I also realize the discipline of keeping a written food journal has worked for me so I will continue doing it here. 

Was mostly on program over the weekend with the exception of alcohol. Found that this is probably not  the best thing for me, lowers my resolve to stay with healthy eating. So as of now, I will curtail to "special occasion" situations.  Occasional weekend drinks. 

Day 1 Post W30

breakdast two eggs sweet potato and pork belly

lunch. Sloppy joe (beef pork onions tomatoes peppers garlic) and some compliant creamy broccoli soup

dinner will be chicken cutlets sweet potato salad Brussels sprouts with pork belly.   

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Thanks for sharing. I just finished my first whole30 and haven't shared out publically yet.

My husband and I both have degrees in the biological sciences, and the scientific explanations in "It Starts with Food" made sense to us. We read this before starting our whole 30.

 I'll start by saying I've always had great energy levels... up at six am.... going all day.. falling into bed at 10 and sleeping well for 8 hours. Now I'm needing even less sleep.. more line 6.5 or 7 hours. And I've always cooked from scratch, never eating fast foods or drinking soda, so that part wasn't too difficult. My husband has always brought snack foods into the house (candy, sweet salty crunchy snacks) which I found myself eating (weekends and evenings) out of habit or boredom... we did whole30 together and he's agreed to not buy these things from now on. 

Labels.... why is high fructose corn syrup added to the Italian sausage I've been buying all these years???!!!! I've always been a label reader, but apparently not reading all labels closely enough... that has changed!

I'm healthy and active.... I don't take any meds, but my blood pressure has started to climb a bit in recent years... had hoped to see this change but so far it has not.

And, I've noticed the joint pain I've experienced in my 50s seems to have totally subsided (with the exception of a particularly symptomatic thumb joint). Arthritis hasn't slowed me down before, but it's great to have this gone. I will pay very close attention to this as I start reintroducing... discover what foods are contributing to joint inflammation. 

I look forward to eating legumes again.. "Jane Brody's Favorite Lentil Soup" is one of our wintertime favorites. Hope this food group doesn't bring on joint inflammation, but if it does I'll stop eating it. 

Lost 10 pounds... will continue whole30 with the goal of losing 10 more. Clothes that have been too tight in recent years are starting to move back towards the front of my closet. Yippee!!!!

Another huge change... I'm not hungry between meals... hooray! Before I was always hungry... and continually frustrated because I didn't like being hungry. I really do believe this has helped reset my hormones that burn fat stores and control hunger. So pleased to now enjoy 3 meals per day without feeling the need to eat in between.

Examples of changes that we'll keep are taco stuffed sweet potatoes instead of using burritos, rice, beans, cheese; and  spaghetti squash "noodles" instead of pasta, two eggs for breakfast instead of one.

Best to you, Katrina 

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