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  1. chezjulie

    Day 21. Unintentional Failure.

    I ate some soy on my first Whole30 and kept going, so I totally understand your decision. There are so many benefits from learning to eat this way beyond being able to do perfect reintroductions.
  2. chezjulie

    Best easy/on-the-go breakfasts?

    This is a good breakfast recipe that might work. They're not really " muffins", more like meatballs.
  3. chezjulie

    Coconut Milk

    Not to me. It just gives it that creamy mouthfeel and cuts the bitterness of the coffee, like cream does.
  4. chezjulie

    Cancer and Beef

    Over and out, y'all. I like you folks and simply disagree with you on this.
  5. chezjulie

    Cancer and Beef

    These are epidemiological studies coming from peer reviewed medical and cancer research journals. This is a nice article that includes links to some of them. I don't necessarily feel better with poultry than with red meat. I'm concerned about what the science is telling us and trying to take that into account along with many other factors to improve my health. While I can tell that I feel well on the Whole30, we often can't tell that we have developed cancer, let alone that we are doing something to give ourselves cancer. I am pro-science so I like to add my voice into these discussions, which can become an anti-science echo chamber.
  6. chezjulie

    Cancer and Beef

    The evidence to support this is based on hundreds of studies and apparently really solid. This suggests to me that it is a good idea to opt for more seafood, poultry, and eggs while on a Whole30, and choose fresh meat from time to time while limiting sausage or hot dogs. I am struggling with this myself as it is easier to incorporate a lot of meat and processed meat.
  7. You're not messing up! The mods are just giving you some suggestions to eat in a way that is more ideal for being successful on the program, will be more satisfying, and will help you with the cravings. Here's the meal template they're talking about. It gives you the amount of coconut milk that counts as a serving of fat (1/4 -1/2 of a 14 oz. can). It's a great thing to hang up in the kitchen for reference:
  8. chezjulie

    Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    What I do to get it out of the bottle is hold the bottle under the tap running warm water for a little while. The oil will liquify first and start running down the neck of the bottle. Keep the bottle under the tap a little longer, then give it a few good shakes to mix up all the ingredients. Delicious!
  9. Ah, this seems like a good time to share the classic Rules vs. Recommendations blog post. You haven't "blown it" or broken any rules. I hope you get to feeling better soon!
  10. chezjulie

    It's been a while.....

    Good luck with the surgery! I hope it goes well. You know, a lot of people would use this surgery as an excuse to go off the rails, so I am really impressed with your efforts to have soft and healthy food available for yourself. I got curious and found a thread with some other ideas: Baba ganoush (eggplant dip) might be an option, too.
  11. chezjulie

    starving all day!

    If you're having carb cravings, here is some advice from Melissa Hartwig: And many of the mods will suggest bumping up the amount of food you eat in general.
  12. chezjulie

    Are "meatcakes" SWYPO?

    It's 1:1, Kirkor. 1 lb. ground beef, 1 lb. ground pork, 2 lbs. sweet potatoes. :-)
  13. chezjulie

    Quitting Is Not An Option...

    You ARE doing great. You've eaten extremely healthily for 37 days. So many people in this country are diabetic or prediabetic, that to turn the tide and lose weight and lower your blood sugar is a real accomplishment. Go, Jeannie, go!
  14. chezjulie

    Quitting Is Not An Option...

    You're doing great, Jeannie! You are doing a wonderful thing for your health that many people are not able to accomplish. A lot of people experience food boredom partway through a Whole30. I think it's hard at times to get past feeling like everything has the same flavor profile. Maybe a few days with some fresh seafood, or making a curry, would give your taste buds a break. Melissa Hartwig recommends upping the starchy carbs to one or two a day before your period, and eating more in general.
  15. Have you tried digestive enzymes? They helped me a lot with GI stuff. Getting a starchy carb every day and a little extra sleep helped me through it. During my first Whole30, I lost most of my weight in the final week, so hang in there! Maybe you could use a day or two of making some really easy eats. I like to cook up a pound of ground turkey, dump in a jar of compliant pasta sauce, and have that over zucchini noodles. Or maybe just cook up some hamburger patties and have those with microwaved sweet potatoes and some pre-shredded cole slaw w/vinaigrette. It doesn't always have to be hard. Good luck!