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Easy Egg Recipe


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My 16 year old started her first Whole30 3 days ago.  (I'm on Day 10 - woot! 1/3 of the way through).  :) I thought I'd pass along a pretty easy breakfast idea that was also delicious.  My hubby made stuffed peppers the other day just to have on hand for quick meals.  She suggested we cut one up, heat it,and scramble some eggs with it.  It was quite tasty, easy, and made quite a bit, since we used a whole stuffed pepper.

And on a small tangent, he's done his Whole30 last month, and is continuing on with us.  He's made stuffed peppers once or twice before and is going to modify the stuffed peppers with various spices next time - he made Italian flavor this time, but talked about adding Mexican spices next time.

Just wanted to share.....


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