Day 5 What is significantly better?


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The Whole30 Daily suggested that I come to the forum and write about what is significantly better. So here I am.

It is only day 5 so I don't expect much to be different but I can list 3 things that weren't on my list of goals.

1. Mindful eating! No working while I'm wolfing lunch. No eating supper in front of the TV. No reading while eating breakfast. Just eating nourishing food.

2. The good feeling that comes from feeding my body nutrients and not crap; this is a state of mind, not a physical feeling. I call this 'my body is a temple' feeling.

3. I'm not experiencing that ravenous compulsion to eat; the thing I used to call hunger.

I hope things are significantly better on your journey.


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I'm 52 hours clean.... Lol 

I like your reference about "my body is a temple" 

I'm at work. They brought in donuts.  Ugh  I normally would grab half a donut and think it wasn't as bad as a whole donut but now I'm very mindful of every bite that goes in my mouth. 

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NIce! Yesterday, there were big fluffy pastries at work and I acknowledged that they were there but fortunately did not feel tempted. I was more concerned that coworkers were going to make a big deal that I wasn't eating anything because it is all about me. Can you believe that they didn't even notice?!? lol

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