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Day 8 of my first Whole 30


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Hi everyone....I am proud of myself for completing one week of Whole 30. I am going through a transition period right now where I am painfully underemployed and have had to temporarily move in with my mother, which is a source of a great deal of stress on several fronts. I initially coped by unhealthy eating and gaining weight, almost to my all-time high. A couple of weeks ago my daughter was in town - she has done Whole 30 twice and gifted me the Whole 30 book as well as the new one.  Feeling at my most ever miserable and depressed, I decided that I owed it to her to at least give it a try.

So, I started on October 25. From the outset I have been somewhat handicapped by my mother's kitchen not being as well equipped as mine was/would be. (she is not much of a cook).  All of my household goods are packed in her garage, and it doesn't make sense to get them out for a couple of very valid reasons which I won't go into here. Nor can I afford to go and completely restock a kitchen. Trust me on that one. So I have purchased a good knife for cutting vegetables and an immersion blender, and am making do with those as far as gadgets. 

In spite of the things stacked against me, I have done pretty well I think. The timeline has been accurate in some ways and not in others. Definitely day 2 was spot on with the hangover. Then, on day 3, I seemed to go right into the "kill all the things" stage.  Thankfully that only was intermittent for the one day, and I wasn't jailed or involuntarily committed, so I survived...haha. 

By now I am doing OK except that I have been really hungry between meals a couple of times. I guess I need to up my protein at every meal. I started by keeping a journal of meals, but I have been hit-and-miss the past couple of days.  Last night was one of those real hunger times. For dinner I had a huge salad, about a 1/2 cup butternut squash, roast beef and a small baked potato topped with drippings from the oven roast. My daughter thinks maybe I had too much starch with the meal and that was why I was hungry? I finally had to have something, so I drank a glass of unsweetened coconut milk.

I also have not slept well the past 2 nights, but not because of hunger or discomfort....I think more due to the stress I am under.

I am exercising at least 4-5 days a week. I could probably do better on the water intake....I have never been a great water drinker, but I am infusing mine with lemon/lime/cucumber, etc, so that is helping. 

My biggest triumph to date is that as of day 4....my knees no longer hurt. I have arthritic knees (and one injured a few years ago as well), and although I try to be fairly active, I don't remember a single full day in which I have had no knee pain...until now.

Today, on day 8, I am  really bloated. Constipation is not an issue. I know to expect this per the timeline so I am just trying to soldier on. 

Sorry for the information dump here....lol...I don't have internet access at my mother's, so have to use my hotspot time for a lot of different tasks. I get on some via phone browser, but it is much easier to navigate on a real pc. (an app would be phenomenal)

keep on keeping on. 


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well, today is actually day 8....I totally lost track of the time. It feels like I have been on this plan for months.

Last night I made the salmon patties from the cookbook. They are good! I had a couple for breakfast this morning and froze some as well.

Aside from being disappointed that I am only on day 8...haha....things are going pretty well.

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