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Nancy's 2nd time around

Nancy   H.

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Day 31

Today I added some Stevia to my coffee along with Primal non dairy creamer. So far so good. But then I have been eating quite a bit of fruit lately so maybe my body is used to the extra sugar and the Stevia didn't react. I don't think I am ready to add anything else yet.

Meal 1:

Mixed fruit with Coconut cream

Cottage Flower Pie ( so good!)

one cup of coffee with 8 drops of concentrated Stevia and Primal non dairy creamer

Meal 2:

Spaghetti squash browned in Ghee

Chocolate chili over the top of squash. (YUM)


one deviled egg

Meal 3:

OK....here is where I have to tell you the story of Bacon. If I have been craving anything at all, it might be bacon. I have not tried to make my own, but I will eventually. But I found some compliant bacon (sugar and nitrate free) on line at Kreilich Farms. They have three kinds, but only one is sugar free.


It was rather expensive: $11.00 for a pound and then $8.95 for shipping. so for $19.95 I got a pound of the very best bacon I have ever tasted. It came packed in a freezer bag. So for dinner tonight I had

two slices of bacon.

three eggs mixed with coconut milk and scrambled in the bacon fat

This tasted like something I would order in a restaurant. I am going to love this Bacon.

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