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Kayo's Food Log - January 2nd


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Hi there, 

I started my Whole30 yesterday on January 2nd. I started properly eating healthy and preparing more and more of my own meals at the start of 2016 and lost some weight and was feeling much more confident. Unfortunately, I went a bit off the wagon due to work stress and lots of travelling around the country and decided to attempt my first Whole30 in June - I lasted almost three weeks but then went on holiday so knew I wouldn't be able to do it properly. At that time I was still counting calories and was a bit too concerned with the loosing weight element rather than thinking of all those non-scale victories! Since then I've piled a lot of weight back on, not helped by travelling to SE Asia and the Christmas festivities!

Reasons I'm doing it now: 

  • To fix my relationship with food
  • To slay the SUGAR DRAGON and curb my cravings
  • To be able to eat intuitively when I need to eat and stop overeating/ binges
  • To improve my energy levels

This time I'm not going to count calories but I am going to track what I'm eating here just to keep me accountable, and to look back on if I get stuck for meal ideas!

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Day 1 - 02/01/2017

  • Lunch - Bacon (compliant!), scrambled eggs, avocado and vegetables (broccoli, carrot, and sugar snap peas)
  • Dinner - slow cooker sweet potato chilli, nutritional yeast topping
  • Snacks - handful of cashews, one date, one small almond milk flat white
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Day 2 - 03/01/2017

  • Breakfast - Bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado 
  • Lunch - slow cooker sweet chilli, nutritional yeast
  • Dinner - courgetti, homemade pesto and salmon fillet
  • Snacks - handful of cashews, one pecan pie nakd bar

I'm going to try and snack less as i get more in to Whole30 but for now letting myself ease into it slightly!

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A note on how I'm feeling: 

  • Day 1 was okay... just really tired but think that has more to do with a 2 day hangover from NYE... oooops
  • However, first night I slept so badly! Normally I sleep pretty well... if anything - too well! But last night I kept tossing and turning. 
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Day 3 - 04/02/2016

 Breakfast - avocado, bacon, scrambled eggs and spinach

Lunch - slow cooker chilli with avocado

Dinner - olives, pesto courgetti with salmon

After dinner - some pieces of roast chicken, small handful of raspberries

Drinks - one black coffee, lots of water, one peppermint tea 

Pretty much ate the same as yesterday and I'll have the same for breakfast and lunch again tomorrow. Not bored of it yet as it's yummy! Did pick at some chicken I'd cooked after dinner which wasn't really needed as I was full already. But mostly a successful day 3!!

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Haven't done this for a few days so will try and think back to what I've been eating!

Day 4 - 05/01/2017

Breakfast - avocado, bacon, scrambled eggs and spinach

Lunch - slow cooker chilli with avocado

Dinner - veg and chicken

Drinks - coffee, tea

Day 5 - 06/01/2017

Breakfast - avocado, bacon, scrambled eggs and spinach

Lunch - veg and chicken

Dinner - veg and chicken

Snacks - cashews

Drinks - echinacea tea

Day 6 - 07/01/2017

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, mushrooms and chicken

Lunch - Salami (really wasn't hungry - because of too many snacks!)

Dinner - Olives, Pesto salmon and veggies

Snacks - Snacked way too much - plaintain chips, nakd bar, almond butter and berries x2!

Drinks - Kombucha

Day 7 - 08/01/2017

Breakfast - half an avocado and some salami (compliant!) - More of a snack as I was going for a run and I always get stitches so try not to eat much before

Lunch - Shakshouka - baked eggs in tomatoes with salami and onions

Dinner - Olives, Pesto salmon and veggies

Snacks - Salami

Drinks - Coffee with cashew milk, kombucha

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Day 8 - 09/01/2017

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, avocado, smoked salmon

Lunch - Baked eggs in tomatoes with salami and onion

Snacks - berries and cashew butter (probably a bit too much!)

Dinner - jalapeno burger, guacamole, mushrooms and tomatoes - SO YUM!

Drinks - echinacea tea, coffee with cashew milk, water

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Day 9 - 10/01/2017

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado (after boot camp workout)

Lunch - sausages, courgette, peppers and onions in tomato sauce

Dinner - jalapeño burger, guacamole and tomatoes and mushrooms

Snack - one date after dinner ( I did manage to bypass the cashew butter though!)

Drinks - tea, coffee, water

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Day 10 - 11/01/2017

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, salmon, avocado 

Lunch - sausages, courgette, pepper and onions in tomato sauce

Dinner - fillet steak with chimichurri sauce, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes 

Snacks - one date, teaspoon of cashew butter

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Going out for dinner tonight to a tapas restaurant. Hopefully I can eat plenty of meat and veg options! And then to cinema and I've packed some Whole30 approved snacks just in case but will try not to eat them as the impulse to snack is something I'm trying to overcome. Last night I just had really bad munchies after dinner despite being full and not needing anything more. However, I stopped myself having a nakd bar, I even took it upstairs with the intention of having it while I watched a TV program (a bad habit I want to avoid). But then I stopped and thought, why do I want to eat that? brushed my teeth and did 10 minutes mediation with my app and managed to ignore it all together. Again today (Day 11) I really want to eat some snacks, compliant snacks, but unnecessary all the same as I am nice and satiated from lunch. Really want to curtail this habit by stopping to think about why I want it and if it's really necessary. Distraction techniques also seem to work well, and drinking more water or getting a  herbal tea. I will pay this habit and impulse more attention over the next two and a half weeks as I'm sure this is the main thing that derails me from making progress. 

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Day 11 - 12/01/2017

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, mixed veg, smoked salmon and avocado 

Lunch -  sausages, courgette, pepper and onions in tomato sauce

Dinner - Tapas restaurant - tuna and avocado tartar, olives, meat selection, pork belly. Tried to make the best choices, mostly meat but not much veg on offer. However, I steered away from alcohol, cheese and bread which was a feat in itself!

Snacks - half a nakd bar 

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I know I should be focusing on NSVs but I don't feel like I'm loosing weight which is a bit annoying. That is not the primary reason I'm doing it and I need to remind myself that I am doing this to gain food freedom, not be reliant on sugar and bad carbs, have better and more stable energy and focus less on mindless snacking. I want to be mindful about the way I eat, know what nourishes and disrupts my body and use that knowledge to eat the right foods. Not sure if I'm just eating way too much food, my meals are all quite big and maybe more food than I used to eat but I figure surely as I'm mostly eating 3 solid healthy meals and not snacking constantly I must be making more progress than I realise!

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Day 12 - 13/01/2017

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, mixed veg, smoked salmon and avocado 

Lunch - chilli with avocado 

Dinner - chilli

Snacks - cashew nuts, coconut crisps, slice of mango

Snacked at work drinks at the pub and just had soda and lime x3!!

Day 13 - 14/01/2017

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, mixed veg

Lunch - steak with mixed veg

Dinner - roasted salmon with herby crust, baby potatoes and asparagus 

Snacks - after dinner - berries, cashew butter and dessicated coconut (friend over for dinner)

Day 14 - 15/01/2017

Breakfast - bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and avocado 

Lunch - salt beef and gherkin, green juice (out for lunch)

Dinner - chilli with guacamole

Snacks - one date, one nakd bar

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Starting Day 15/ Week 3 tomorrow and my main focus for the week is to not snack unless I am absolutely starving, and to not eat anything after dinner. I just feel the need for something sweet to finish the meal even though I don't need it! So my strategy is going to be - have a herbal tea, get some headspace, brush my teeth after dinner. 

Feeling so strong that I'm now on Day 15 and haven't given up. So ready to smash the next two weeks, introduce a few more exercise classes, and focus on myself and my health.

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Day 15 - 16/01/2017

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach

Lunch - pesto courgetti with chicken + leftovers from Saturday's dinner

Dinner - lemon chicken recipe - with baby potatoes, courgette and spinach

Snacks - very small handful of cashews (15g), some chicken while meal prepping

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Day 17 - 18/01

breakfast - scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado, bacon

lunch -  lemon chicken with baby potatoes

dinner - chilli

Day 18 - 19/01

breakfast -  scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado, bacon

lunch -  pesto courgetti with chicken

dinner - jalapeno burger with bacon and gauc

Day 20 - 20/01

breakfast -  two boiled eggs, 1/4 avocado 

lunch - chilli

dinner - steak with green beans and tomato 

snacks - mango, blueberries

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Day 21 - went to a family friends for dinner. At the beginning I held off so well on the canapes and crisps, only having olives. However, then the starter was served - bruschetta and garlic butter. I didn't feel that I could not eat it as our friend have gone to all the effort. So basically my Whole30 is over! I'm happy that I lasted this long and I am going to continue wherever possible but I know I can't do it properly now as I have loads in the diary over the next few weeks that make it pretty difficult if not impossible. I haven't found it too difficult, there's been foods that i have missed but mainly manageable. My main thing is not being able to be flexible and I really feel that socially it has made life very awkward. Not sure my life is set up to really commit to it as dinners out with friends and family, I can't also control where we go or what is on the menu. I have tried my hardest and would like to try again another time. 

Day 22 (Day 1) - 

Brunch- bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes

Snacks - cashew butter, berries, coconut

I wonder whether this is just self-sabotage after ruining my Whole30 as even though it was all whole30 complaint i know this isn't the way to treat my body. And I felt so guilty about the cashew butter which just isn't great at all. 

Day 23 (Day 2) - 

Breakfast - porridge!! from Pret as I was so hungry after the gym. Tried to pack breakfast but was running super late and broke an egg (panic) so I didn't bring anything with me. I was starving so I had the porridge so basically need to start again - I did choose the gluten and dairy free option and just put nuts on top to minimise the damage! I'm determined not to let it take me permanently off the rails and feel like just thinking that is a step in the right direction. Previously after my mistake on Saturday I would have gone full hog.. dessert and the works and let it affect me for days afterwards. Instead, I went straight back to it, didn't have dessert and remained complaint (if not really that healthy) yesterday. This morning I could have chosen a worse option like a pastry but I decided to go for the least non compliant option (just grains). I've got a long way to go but I need to be happy with my progress so far as well. 

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