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January 9 - Day 1


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Day 1 was a success! Ok, it's probably the easiest day of the 30, but whatever... I'm celebrating!

I thought that this 16-hour pork roast would be good for lunch so I put it in around 8pm last night.  I guess it only needed 11-12 hours in my slow cooker, so I took it out this morning and had dinner for breakfast. Best meal I've had in AGES!  Went amazingly well with my morning coffee. :D

I ended up having the planned eggs on a spinach salad for dinner instead. 

My mother always chided me for having dinner items for breakfast. One time when I told her I had soup for breakfast she asked me if I hadn't been to the store in a while (to be fair, I hadn't)   Now.... breakfast for dinner, dinner for breakfast.... it's like I've found my people! My tribe!

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