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Accidentally Whole30


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Whole30 has become instinctive.  After the holidays I just felt sluggish and decided to just take a timeout from alcohol and grains.  I stopped eating legumes on my first Whole 30 a couple of years ago and just never started eating them again.  Tonight at dinner, I made chicken thighs and a big tossed salad dressed in olive oil and lemon, and I started thinking about what I've been eating all week.  Without even acknowledging it, I had stopped all dairy, too and had been only eating vegetables, meat, fruit, and eggs.  Holy moly, I've started my 4th whole30 without even realizing it!

What this tells me is that deep down, I already know what makes me feel better and what I should be eating.  So here I am, suddenly finding myself on Day 6 without even trying.


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