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Andrea's whole30


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Started my whole30 on Saturday. 

Day 3 today: feeling the hangover big time. Like, ate half a family sized bag of Cadbury mini eggs on Thursday and Friday, big time. 

Excuse me while I head to work and try not to die.

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Day 5 today. 

So far so good. Feeling much better than day 3. I slept in a bit but I got up and got my daughter all packed up for school and off to the bus stop before even having a coffee ☕️ 

I am always so surprised by how much my anxiety decreases when I whole30. I've never done an actual reset to see what foods trigger anxiety for me. I assume it's sugar and grains but I hope to find out for sure this time around. Or just stick to a strict diet from now on and never have to find out! 

Im also so happy to see my skin is already clearing up! One of my favourite NSV when I whole30, again something I wish I could just remember when those cravings strike or those thoughts of "it's just one piece of ________" 

Everytime I whole30 I have grand plans to stick to it forever, I know how good I feel when I eat this way and people do it all the time, and then suddenly I'm back in the habit of bagels for breakfast and pizza for supper! 

This time it will stick! My kids are older, life is a little more predictable, I'm doing crossfit, and I'm sick of ending up feeling like crap, anxious, and breaking out like crazy! 

Off to make breakfast! 

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Day 7 today. 

I may have over done some compliant foods yesterday. It's gone now and I won't buy more. I will stick to tea in the evenings!

feeling much less bloated today, my work scrubs are definitely fitting better! 


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