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Brad's Whole30 January 2017


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Posting my full monthly journal...
My Health:
Overall pretty healthy guy for 53.  Active hiker, mountain biker, skier & golfer.  Gained 15 pounds in the past 2 years slowly.  Cholesterol is now high and my blood sugars are moving into high range.  Blood pressure elevated - pretty stressful sales profession.  Workout 3-4 times a week but in past 2 years kinda mailing in my workout - not pushing, finding reasons to cut short…  Need a reset for sure!
How do I feel? Fat/bloated, tired, low motivation, slightly depressed, feet both ache, sleep is light/restless, if I wake up it's hard to get back to sleep, generally achy all over.  Travel 2 days a week - status at hotel so access to happy hour and breakfast buffets is always there.
How do I eat?  Generally pretty good when we cook. We are CSA members, buy good quality food, but do tend to graze a bit before dinner on things like cheese and some carby snacks.  Breakfast tends to be OK and Whole30ish with the exception of cream in coffee and cheese when traveling.  My downfall especially in the past couple years is wine - from weekends only it became pretty much every week night - not a lot but enough to make the cheese that goes with it add up too.  Also love good beer.  If I have to drink light beer I will find another drink.  Known for our backyard wood fired pizza oven - we make everything from scratch - hoping we can still enjoy this going forward (Instagram: phlatbreadpizza).  LOVE the cream in my morning coffee  -ugh!
BTW, doing this with my wife Karen.   I have NEVER dieted before
Day 3  At times feel light headed, spacey, slight headache.  Went to gym just to walk - 40 min at 2.0/3.5
Day 4 - feel great actually, super alert, lots of energy for the Y. Can do attitude, own it! Little slowdown mid afternoon but not bad. 
Day 5 - feel pretty good this AM.  Good energy all day, do get hungry before meals.  Bit of work stress today.  Poop floats - ha! Must be extra fat content - TMI right.
Day 6 - no snoring, sinuses feel much better - wonder exactly what I am allergic to? Woke up clear and with good energy even though I only got 6 hours.  Coffee with coconut milk is not bad this AM.  Really missed wine tonight - first Friday night on the program.  Made it - but need to find something other than seltzer to drink. 
Day 7 - good sleep but lingered too long.  Foot (Plantar Fasciitis) did not hurt this AM?  Maybe 2 days of gym rest?  Went through Farmers Market - sweets did not tempt me, ribs did.  Bought some good sausages and grass fed ground beef.  45 Min Peloton Metrics ride - hard but good energy
Day 8 - good sleep.  Commented to Karen that my sinuses have never been this clear!  Joked that I guess it's not the burlap (I told her she was trying to kill me with the burlap on my night stand).  She thinks I am getting funnier too. Good energy and so ready to get things done in the AM - no fog.   40 min lifting at gym with Andrew - good energy on leaving
Day 9 - Monday, good sleep again (10:30-6:15), sinuses clear - amazing, good energy and alertness, honestly first time at gym in a long time where I wish I had more time - not drained when leaving - been going consistently for years but over past 2 years I have been mailing my workout in more than not  - finding a reason to cut it short.  Sweet potatoes rock - slice them and roast them on Sunday night and eat them all week.  And if you want to sweeten up a burger, caramelize some onions with good oil - once you cut sugar, they taste like candy, oh and home-made mayo is a great condiment
Day 10 - a little restless last night. Lots going on at work - also super sore from my lifting with Andrew on Sunday.   Still breathing well.  Dinner with kids at Iron Hill - beer looks yummy but did not have a hard time refusing...come too far and feel too good.  Gotta see this through
Day 11 - Feel good.  Food sacrifice - hardly.  What it does do is make you think about what you are eating and decide for yourself if it is worth it.  Additionally, if you can cook at all (or follow directions) you will have a long list of new GOTO meals that are both delicious and healthy.   No hunger between meals. Good workout.  Work stress picking up today. 
Day 12 - Busy and stressful work day, lots of hard work fell apart - ugh.   Meals are great, keeping me from hunger in between - notice that my urge to snack is really just anxiety or nervous energy kicking in - need more olives - Dinner rocked - cauliflower rice
Day 13 - good day.  Good workout.  Special treat - massage at home.  Seared tuna steaks - Tyler Florence recipe.  2nd Friday without a cocktail or beer. 
Day 14 - great sleep, waking up at 6 with no alarm. Time to rock some root veggie hash that we use all week.  You can get a lot done when you are not in a fog!  I think I found my mojo. 
Day 15 - tough evening.  We made chili and something in it crushed me.  Fear it was the 8 cloves of garlic.  Almost immediately my stomach was rolling and gassy.   Had a good workout early and lots of energy all day
Day 15 - half way. All down hill now.  Gonna have the ultimate temptation tonight as Andrew wants pizza for his friends.  I am making Karen and I am almond flour pizza and a cauliflower pizza - will report results.    Favorite breakfast veggie hash with fried eggs, sausage and avocado.   BTW, almond flour pizza is no good - like a cracker - don’t bother.   Cauliflower pizza looked nice - but come on, it ain’t pizza.  If I have to go that route then I won’t bother.  
Day 16 - good day all around.  Meetings all day, no workout.  Lunch out with customer - brought my own dressing - cobb salad minus the blue cheese.  I am sure the bacon and chicken was compliant - can’t lose sleep over that.  Definitely tasting everything more. Funny story, Karen was in the Farmers Market and looking at a case of raw meat - pork chops to be exact, and drooling over them like they were cup cakes - ha!  Funny, your body tells your brain what it wants - take the crap out and it craves the good stuff.
Day 17 - well rested, great breakfast - veggie hash, sweet potato, 2 fried eggs.   Good workout - lots of energy.  No way I won’t make 30 days now - looking forward to measurements.  Feel great!  Knocked out a cellar project - went to lower, bought wood, designed the shelf over the oil tank, had it all done in 2.5 hours.  Been putting that off for months and it felt great to get it done.  Beats 2 glasses of wine with a slow move to the couch which is the normal evening.  Went off Red Rice Yeast pills for cholesterol - read about them.  Will report results...
Day 18 - Poor sleep but due to work - end of fiscal year so stress tends to be high.    I feel pretty good though with even 5 hours of sleep.  Awesome breakfast - scrambled eggs, with spicy sausage, spinach , peppers and sweet potato.   All temptations have largely passed.   Miss going out a bit but will try dinner out tonight and swing by a bar where a buddy is celebrity bartender for the night - tall club soda with olives and a lemon!
Day 19-23 Forgot to journal but maybe that tells you it is become routine/comfortable.  Another weekend without beers, wine or cocktails - not a big deal amazingly.  Actually went to a movie - La La Land - chick flick but well done.   Made a beef short rib recipe - really good but too much effort for the payoff. 
Day 24 Great sleep.  I have noticed that when I am awake, I am ready to go, and when I sleep, I sleep soundly - all good!   Crushed a good breakfast - eggs, root veg hash, sausage,   Good workout.   Good productive workday but still have energy and desire to knock projects out at night - Karen loves that and is actually feeling the same way.   So I read about bone broth and watched a couple videos about how to make it - intrigued but not ready to make my own.  Tried a little chicken bone broth today with some sliced ginger instead of afternoon tea or coffee - expected to have to gag it down but, man I like it.   It’s so great for you, low cal, high protein++, and I like it.   Adding it to the daily mix and I will make it soon.  
Day 25:  good sleep, heading to NYC office - have to maneuver around the food and snack trays that will be everywhere as teams close out the fiscal year.  Not really concerned.  Back from NY, made it.  Did not plan well for lunch. Had a couple bites of beef then was starving headed to 3:30 meeting - ran into a street vendor selling bags of sliced mango (I know, no snacking but it was an emergency) - score!  Need to plan better.
Day 28: feeling great, looking at post Whole30 differently than I thought going in.  Less that it is the end of a diet - more that it's the end of an immersive education into eating well and the effect it has on my mind and body.  Look forward to continuing the good habits.  I do miss a glass or two of wine without a doubt and my pizza oven in the backyard has been idle.   If it's dairy that I'm allergic to, well I can modify my pizzas for sure, if it's gluten, ugh, we will have to see.  Of all the things that have made the most impact, sleeping soundly has to be the biggest as it allows me to go at my day with energy I had not felt for years. 
Day 30:  Got blood work done today.   Look forward to sushi and miso soup tomorrow but honestly not planning to fall back into my old eating habits.  Ghee is here to stay. 
Day 31:  Down 12 pounds ant 10", but honestly I just feel great and in control.
How do I feel:  Sleeping WAY more soundly, waking up easier, consistent energy throughout the day (no hunger pains/growling).  Empowered to make good food choices.  Clothes fit better.   Working on not being too preachy on this but love to tell my story. 
My recommendations: Read the book, sign up for the email - it’s worth $$ especially for the first month - tons of great reinforcement info and recipes.  Follow Whole30 on IG for inspiration.  Really helped that my wife joined me in this.  
Things we plan to make permanent:
Ghee and Avocado oil 
Homemade mayo - easy and tastes amazing and you know what is in it
Planning meals and cooking together
Looking a labels for sugar and stuff we can’t pronounce
Eating out less
Sunday afternoon week prep (Root Veggie HASH- goes with everything)
Eating a large variety of fruits and vegetables
Eliminate snacking and grazing
Sitting down to eat together as a family as often as possible
The Farmers Market and our CSA
Eliminate alchohol as a way to destress (most weekday drinking)
3 square meals with a solid protein source
What’s Next
Love the 30 day thing - starting 30 days of Planking with my wife for Feb.  Will report blood work results when I get them.  Most interested in Cholesterol and sugars.
Will attach some great food pics.
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