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My W30+LowFODMAP Log

Gwyneth J.N.

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Today is Day 15 of my W30, Day 1 on the Low-FODMAP protocol. I have actually been on Whole 30 since Jan 1 but had to restart on Jan. 22 due to poor planning and some off-the-rails eating as a result of that poor planning (being hangry + terrible restaurant choice = fish tacos, followed by temporary insanity, apparently).

My experience has been fantastic overall. I've slimmed down, I have less inflammation, way more energy, and my attitude has shifted to a much more positive place. The one area that has not shown improvement is in my gut,  thanks to an increase in some beloved foods like onion, garlic, apples, pistachios,  sweet potato, etc. To be fair, I believe my gut IS healthier - no doubt I was suffering from leaky gut before and now I'm not - but I do occasionally suffer from terrible clear-the-room gas and bloating. 

I thought I'd keep a diary of my eating here, along with any symptoms. Feel free to chime in if you see anything amiss or have advice or a great recipe to share. 

M1: 1/2 grapefruit, black coffee, three eggs scrambled in ghee with a big bunch of spinach

M2: Big garden salad (green leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber) with tuna salad (tuna, homemade mayo, a little celery) on top; roasted potatoes

Plan for M3: Turkey chili adapted to be W30+Low-FODMAP, switching out green part of green onions for the reg. onions and a baked potato; mint tea

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Day 16 of my W30, Day 2 on the Low-FODMAP protocol. 

I am already noticing improvements in my symptoms. I did NOT expect relief that quickly! I'm anxious to see if they continue. 

M1: 1/2 grapefruit, breakfast casserole of eggs, kale, potato, ghee

M2:  small baked potato, leftover chili, cucumbers with evoo & balsamic (mild gas about 1 hour after eating)

Pre-WO: an Epic bar (not completely low FODMAP but 100% W30 compliant)

Post-WO: chicken thigh

M3: garden salad, baked salmon, lemon & evoo

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M1: 1/2 grapefruit, breakfast casserole of eggs, kale, potato, ghee; really hungry about 1.5 hrs later, had carrots and a small amount of almond butter

M2:  small baked potato, leftover chili, black olives

Post-WO: 1/2 serving of salmon and a bit of potato

M3: bbq chicken thighs, potato, some blueberries

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